SOLD: Walker Bay 2.8 metre Dinghy

Thursday 16th March, 2017

For Sale

Price: $850
Location: Cape Paterson
For Sale By: Owner
Phone: 0417 318 629
Condition: Very Good


Walker Bay dinghies are recognised as excellent little vessels; and are popular as yacht tenders.

Weighing only 32kgs the Walker Bay 8 is easy for one person to handle in and out of the water.  I transported this one on the car top, and I was quite able to get it on and off the car by myself.  It has a wheel in the keel that makes it light work for one person to move around on land.

Hull Injection moulded, durable single skin hull, 100% Polypropylene make them light, but tough.  The seats have positive flotation; it has a one way drain plug, and comes with oars, oarlocks & collars.

This one is in very good condition.

It is easy to buy spare parts for the dinghy and to buy additional parts such as a sail kit (as shown).  


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