Committee Meeting Report – 2016 – November 12

Friday 18th November, 2016

– We welcomed our new Social Secretary, Helen Mc Crimmon, to our Committee. Helen has a strong background in administration, and she is looking forward to her more social role in her retirement at Newhaven

– We had James, the security camera installer, give us a lesson on how these work. They are quite comprehensive; and they have a powerful zoom-in capacity for identification purposes, if required

– As our old membership name tags were mislaid during the club house renovations, we have been researching replacement cards. A decision on these has been made, and you will soon be getting your new wallet-sized plastic card that you can wear at club functions and also present when visiting other clubs. We hope to have these mailed out with the next Quarterly magazine
– The Committee requests those members who are yet to pay their membership and marina fees to do so as soon as possible

– We welcome the following new members: Henry Puncher, Bill Mc Intosh, Paul Miller, John Gelmi, Luke Prainito, Eric Frederiks, and Ted Kerr

– To improve communication and record-keeping, members will be asked to complete forms relating to notification of maintenance issues and reporting of incidences. These forms will appear on the website and will be placed downstairs shortly.
– The lead lights have been operating erratically during the dark hours. It appears this is a battery issue, and is being rectified
– Members are reminded that keys no longer work on any doors/gates, and access tags can only be used

– The Melbourne Cup Day was an outstanding success with about 50 people attending. There were a couple of big sweep winners; and a larger number of sweep losers!

– It was highlighted during the Future Planning process conducted earlier this year that there is an extremely small number of young members in our club, and that it was imperative to attract more young people to our club. Consequently, in partnership with the Motor Boat & Angling Subcommittee, the Sailing Subcommittee has formulated a NYS Youth Plan. The plan was welcomed and accepted by the Committee
– The erection of the Sailability & Dinghy Shed will commence soon, and it is anticipated that it will be completed early next year. The allocation of space in the Shed will be in accordance with the following:
– priority will be given to the NYS Sailability Program
– applicants must be on the NYS register and have current insurance
– a member whose boat is moored out of the marina may request space to store their tender
– any dinghy stored must be regularly used for NYS races
– storage will be at the owner’s risk
– The Subcommittee is seeking someone to be a ‘caretaker’ of, and carry out minor maintenance on, the Club boat, NH 11. If you can assist in this way, please contact Alen Garrett

– Dates were set for a number of events
– Kevin Chambers spoke about “That’s The Thing About Fishing”, conducted by Glenn Cooper. Glenn speaks at fishing clubs around the bay and takes people down on their luck (kids and adults) out fishing at no cost to NYS. This appears to be a worthy undertaking, and will be discussed at the next meeting

– A new range of clothing and equipment is being put together. This will be available – at quite reasonable prices – in the near future. Further information will be available on the website as the merchandise arrival nears

– We are continuing to improve the site technically and aesthetically. James, the security camera installer, and our website developer are continuing to work on improving the quality of the webcam
– We encourage all members to contribute to the site with articles and/or photographs. Please email contributions to

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