2017 Australia Day Cruise

Tuesday 7th February, 2017
Rowan McKeon and Yvonne Dekker

Following a grand club tradition organised by Ian and Margaret Jemmeson, and Jeff and Jackie Shawcroft in the past, a weather-beaten bunch of surly skippers and their glamorous crews met on Thursday 26 January to plan another adventure around the Bay. Rowan McKeon and Yvonne Dekker had booked some berths at Yaringa after finding no room available at Hastings, and with a delightful weather window ahead anything looked possible.

Thursday’s run round to Observation Point and our first night there went really well and the sun dipped over the yardarm as we caught up with each other on board Caspian.

Next morning the Bay was a millpond and taking advantage of the incoming tide we motored north. However Rowan and Yvonne had an intermittent squeal from their engine and decided to turn back for home – upon which the squeal stopped of course. They think it will turn out to be an alternator or water pump bearing on its way out. Tom & Margaret in Catspaw accompanied them back (they were returning anyway) just in case the engine got any worse.

In the meantime Joalda, Ankira and Sarie Marais had rafted up and were doing 2 knots with the tide past Hastings while Ian and Margaret, Peter and Marianne and George and Thelma enjoyed a very relaxing Australia Day, until a breeze came up and carried them into Yaringa Harbour. Stan and Alex joined the cruise on Friday and spent the night with Derek and Mim in Chicory Lane. Deprived of the group’s two best party boats, the Yaringa mob retired to the restaurant and were joined by Rowan and Yvonne and Jeff and Jackie who came round by road, not wanting to miss any of the fun (Jeff and Jackie having only just recovered from 3 days on the road in 40° heat driving an internet-purchased 1958 Wolseley back from Brisbane – the things you do for love Jackie!).

Again taking advantage of the tide the boats returned south during the day and spent Saturday night once more at Observation Point ready for the short run home on Sunday. The weather was perfect this year so I’m not sure if Stan managed to give Felix and Alex a good run outside Flinders as practice for their upcoming Bass Strait crossing. But you can’t always have everything. At least this year the waves were gentle and the company great. An excellent time was had by all.

Rowan and Yvonne

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