Committee Meeting Report – 2018 – May

Wednesday 23rd May, 2018
Stan Jackson


Welcome Shane and Christine Benedict


Sheet Piling around the Maintenance Yard: six core samples were taken from the marina floor as well as a number of water

samples. We were advised that two of the samples had a high concentration of nickel. We will be taking additional water samples from outside the marina and hopefully their analysis will show that the levels of nickel are not particular to our marina.

The concreting of the electricity supply trench and the shed corner in the Maintenance Yard will be completed by the end of the month

Glen has begun the task of de-scaling the 21 pylons along the Centre and South Arms (10 done, 11 to go). We will design and build two working pontoons to be used in repairing the east end of the Centre Arm

Electricity Use: the main Committee has discussed this matter and decided that we stick with the current policy regarding the use of shore power

The main Committee reiterated that boat operators are not to power onto their trailers and so the current rule banning such remains.  Further exploration of the various proposed plans for a Safe Landing Pontoon (SLP) continue to be undertaken

Phillip Island Steel has been asked to provide a quote for the supply and installation of safety ladders along the North Arm

Cracked Retaining Wall: last year Bass Coast Shire Council was contacted about cracks in the retaining wall to the west of the loading car parking bays. They agreed to remove a large tree on council land which had roots causing the problem. This task has been given to their contractor, but is not on their priority list and is subject to budgets


We continue to conduct our Hansa program involving students from Bass Coast Specialist School

Informal contact has been made with the Newhaven Primary School regarding a Hansa program, and a formal meeting will be held shortly


The Winter Series races commence soon

We congratulate NYS members Chris Wilson and Geoff Graham for their outstanding effort on Elektra in the Melbourne to Osaka race that was recently completed.  Elektra finished 11th in the line honours, and is now heading home

GENERAL BUSINESS               

 The Squadron is still seeking a Rear Commodore.  Anyone interested in fulfilling this role can find out further information from: the Commodore, Andy Chappell; the Boating Secretary, Mary Brown; or Committee member, Alen Garrett

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