Committee Meeting Report – 2019 – January

Thursday 31st January, 2019
Stan Jackson


Welcome: Barry Williams, Neville West, Paul Young, Gordon Campbell, Justin Phillips, Grant Krueger, Allen Sherlock, Joel Gardiner, Diego Menegalli


The Subcommittee provided information about a series of projects regarding the modernization of the lower floor level of the club rooms to be carried out primarily by way of member labour. The projects included replacing ceiling tiles, plastering walls, and leveling the floor. George Reek is preparing a revised toilet area layout which includes a disabled toilet and an additional external access door for safety reasons

The upper floor balcony needs repairing to stop ceiling leaks in the Committee Room below

There is consideration to extend the balcony roof to cover the whole area


Desilting: the final drafts of the applications for permission to dredge from DWELP and Parks Victoria are now completed – 134 pages! The intention is to use a mini-dredger for the job

Emergency Management Response Plan: this has been circulated to all emergency agencies and a copy placed on the Squadron website

Maintenance of Centre and South Arms pontoons: all but 5 of the pylons have been de-scaled. The remainder will be done after the holiday season. A working pontoon is to be constructed to be used when repairing the east end of the Centre Arm

Safe-loading pontoon: it was agreed to get a concept plan prepared for a safe loading pontoon

North Arm safety ladders: all ladders have been installed and the Safety Officer is preparing signage and a location identification strategy

Cracked roadway retaining wall: Bass Coast Shire Council has removed the large tree that was causing this problem

Working bee: this was a successful day, with most tasks being completed. Many thanks to the 52 members who attended

Marina security: owing to recent thefts, warning signs have been put on the marina gates and notifications put on the website and in the forthcoming Summer Quarterly magazine. The security camera system has also been upgraded

Safety audit of the Maintenance Yard: this has been started


The Rear Commodore has been requested to search for 2 yachts in the 6 metre range, up to a total of cost of $20,000, to purchase for the NYS fleet for purpose in developing Youth Sailing/Racing

‘Guidelines for Using the Sailability Dinghies’ were presented and adopted by the Committee and are to be published on the NYS website and in the next edition of Quarterly Magazine

Peter Watson notified the Subcommittee of his resignation. Peter’s contribution over 30 was acknowledged and the Subcommittee expressed its appreciation to Peter

Two annual events – the Australia Day Weekend Cruise and the Around French Island Trip – were ratified


An agenda for the next 12-24 months was tabled that included increasing member participation, replacing/updating kitchen utensils and the dishwasher, and investigating how to make our top deck area more inviting


Golden Oldies: no sailing took place owing to a hot north wind preventing us from sailing, but Tom Rawlings took some participants to the quarry and back to the top light. Thanks to Helen and Jan for organising a magnificent meal

Social Inclusion Day, Young Adult Sailability: for the second year we have had to cancel the Social Inclusion Day due to high winds and rain. This was one of the 8 events our volunteers were providing in Term 4 last year

Dinghy Sailability: students from Newhaven Primary School are making great progress learning to sail; and have become a little better in the theory of sailing than expected because two of our sailing days have been too windy to sail. Students from Bass Coast Specialist School have continued their Sailability Program and we hope to reach a stage where students can accomplish a solo sail in a dinghy.

Kids Sailing: to provide the opportunity for young people to learn to sail we offered ‘Kids Sailing’ in the Sailability Dinghies over the Christmas holidays. We had a total of 11 kids sailing – along with their parents attending. We are looking for the option to expand this program to include adults.

Kids Fishing in the Marina: we had 18 kids fishing from 9 different families for a most enjoyable morning, followed by a great sausage sizzle


Quarterly Magazine: the website usually averages around 30 sessions (views) a day during the off-season, and around 40 during the boating season. The day the Winter magazine went out, it hit around 130; and the day the Spring magazine went out, it hit 141, with the magazine page having 177 Page Views on that day

We mail out approximately 100 mags. These include Calendar, Tide, Berth Waiting List, and Schedule of Fees inserts

Website: the webcam has been off for a few weeks – apparently related to the NBN connection. This is in the process of being rectified

Club Member Offerings Database: this has been forwarded to all Committee members


Our Safety Officer, Peter Gratton, tendered his resignation at last month’s meeting. Peter was thanked for his contribution over 3 years in this role. Scott Newman was nominated as a replacement, and he agreed to accept the nomination, relinquishing his position as Other Member

Systems update and Office administration and NBN are now up and working – including printers and WiFi

After discussion, it was decided to review the processes and application form for new member applicants

For safety reasons, it was decided to ratify a NO SMOKING policy within the marina and boat ramp area. Signage to this effect is being erected

The ongoing problem of doors not being locked in the clubhouse was again raised. It was decided to make inquires about employing the services of a security company

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