Commodore Report – Winter 2016

Sunday 3rd July, 2016
Peter Buitenhuis

My how the time flies; summer and autumn 2016 have come and gone and now we are back to winter. The year will be gone before we know it.

Many clubs around Melbourne go into hibernation for winter, but not NYS. We are still very active with lots of events including the winter series Yacht races. By the time you receive the magazine, Presentation Night on 14th of May will have been held, and I congratulate all the participants and winners for the year. Happy Hour at the club, which is getting more and more popular with more members attending, will continue throughout winter, and given that often some of our winter days can bring sunny and calm weather it is still a good time to go and enjoy your boats.

Welcome to the members who have recently joined the club, I hope you are getting enjoyment out of the club and that you are making new friends and getting to know other members. Please get involved and make the best out of the club, we are so lucky to have the wonderful facilities that our club has to offer.

The Committee have been very busy over the past couple of months, and there has been great activity including the very successful 2016 Impulse State Titles in March. This was an excellent even and a great chance to show off our club. Congratulations to all the volunteers who assisted with this excellent three day event. The sailing events have been well supported and the fishing and motor boat activity has seen increased support as well.

There have also been some excellent social events and again it is great to see more and more members participating in these events.

Please make a note in your calendar for June 5th from 1pm to 4pm, when you as members will be invited to an important event. We are going to hold a strategic planning day to plan for our future. We have enlisted the help of a facilitator for the day and we envisage that this day will help us look forward and create a vision for the future. Planning is very important – “failure to plan is planning to fail”. We are looking forward to a very productive day with very positive outcomes; this is to be a very positive day and assist in the forward direction for this committee and future committees. I am very much looking forward to the day and I am certain there will be some excellent ideas and outcomes as a result.

We have had some problems over the past few months with our outdated computers and technology, plus the club website has also been hack to make matters worse. This resulted in many members, including the Committee, being very frustrated with problems looking at your website etc.

I am please to say that we have now fixed the problems and updated our hardware, software and service provider. Special thanks to all involved in the process especially Bob Sterling, David Tonkin and Vicki Roff-Smith.

For those who do not know, we had very sad news that Marie Lacco passed away. Marie and her family have been members of the club from the beginning, Marie was always a keen volunteer and it would almost be impossible to recount the many things that Marie has done for the club over many years and she will be sadly missed.

Ken Martin also sadly passed away in April. Ken has been fixing boats around the club for many years and he has been a member for a very long time. He also will be sadly missed.

Our condolences go out to the families of these special members and they will long be remembered by the club.

Please keep safe over the winter months and remember to do your safety checks when you go out boating. I look forward to seeing you around the club and as always will be happy to discuss matters if you would like to contact me.

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