Commodore’s Newsletter – 20/7/2020

Tuesday 21st July, 2020
Peter Buitenhuis

Dear Members,

We had our Committee Meeting with most of the committee joining via Zoom Friday night 10th July with only David Tonkin and Derrick Kershaw present at the clubrooms, observing social distancing rules. We continue to monitor the Covid 19 conditions with regard to our club and our members and as I am certain you are all aware Melbourne has gone into a second wave which is very disappointing, as a month ago it appeared that things were going well and restrictions were about to be relaxed. The daily results from Melbourne are disappointing as the virus spreads, Bass Coast now also has a few cases for the first time since March. Obviously with the worrying trend and the clubrooms remain closed and all club activities, both social and boating, remains on hold. Hopefully the second wave is controlled soon, and we can resume some sort of NYS activities, but we remain cautious and it looks like it may be some time before we can get any sort of programs going again. We do hope that our members are staying safe and once again if any member needs assistance or feels vulnerable or isolated, please do not hesitate to reach out and call myself or a Committee member just to talk or see if we can help in some way. My number is 0407 045 525, and you will find all our Committee Member contact details in the last magazine or on the NYS website.

In our last newsletter I mentioned that if any member is facing financial difficulty paying their fees during this pandemic please contact the Secretary, David Tonkin, so that we can see what we can do to assist. I am pleased to say that our membership stays strong and the club financially remains positive.

Derrick Kershaw and his team have been very busy over the last 2 years on the de-silting project. There is a huge amount of red tape and regulations that needed to be dealt with, but we are pleased to announce that all the permits required to undertake the project have been acquired. Derrick is now going through the process of obtaining quotes and is hopeful work will start soon. It’s been a huge undertaking and we congratulate Derrick and those who have assisted him on their efforts.

Nick Blackmore and the Building Subcommittee continue to work on various projects as well. Nick has created a more robust maintenance program for the building, including a pest maintenance program, designed to eliminate issues before they become major problems. There has also been a leak from the west deck to the Committee room which is being dealt with at present. Nick and his Subcommittee have also started looking at possible future projects to further enhance the club rooms and facilities; of course, any major renovations or works would have to be approved by the members. The roof area that was leaking into the foyer and the ladies toilets has now been resolved with part of the roof needing replacement and also the removal of a skylight. Hopefully with correctly maintaining the gutters this will not occur again.

Our end of financial year figures and audits have progressed well and once again our Auditors have been pleased with the way the club has managed our finances and financial programs. We have had a pleasing result notwithstanding the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic. Well done to Annalisa, Vicki, David and the Finance Subcommittee who manage the processes that keep the club in a good financial position and making certain that we maintain and comply with the rules.

Many members were involved in a series of planning days over the last year, there have been some excellent ideas and programs that we were ready to implement, however these were disrupted by the Covid 19 pandemic. We still have these programs on the drawing board and hope once we get to the end of the pandemic to start actioning these programs.

David Tonkin, together with a small Subcommittee also spent considerable time reviewing our rules in line with the model rules. Again, this work has been disrupted, but hopefully will be completed in time. The proposed changes to rules and some of the projects from the planning day will need to be presented to the members either at an AGM or Special General Meeting, which under the current situation is not possible. We have also started to discuss our Annual General Meeting which is traditionally held on the second Saturday of October; hopefully, things will improve towards this date so that the meeting can take place. At present though this is not looking very good so we may need to look at alternative electronic options, although this is not preferable and will make it quite difficult to implement. It may need to be a very simple agenda and election process if this is the case. On the subject of elections, we currently have intentions to nominate from Matt Ingham, for the role of Treasurer and Noel Street, for the role of Vice Commodore. Michael Dixon has already taken over the role of Rear Commodore and will be up for official election at the AGM. We are still
looking for a club member to step up and nominate for the role of Communication and Grants Officer. Stan Jackson will be retiring in October after being in the role for 6 years. He has done a splendid job but after 6 years needs a break. This is a most rewarding role and a very important role for the club. If you feel you have the skills to do a good job for the club in communicating to the members via our magazine, newsletters, electronic programs such as Facebook etc. please give Stan or myself a call to discuss what the position
entails. Off course any Senior or Life members can nominate for any Committee position that is due for election.

Stan Jackson has sent out a communication to members letting them know that we will be having a Winter Quarterly edition, if you have a suitable article or photos please submit these to Stan so that he can include these in this edition. Many members have been able to use their boats over winter, so Stan is keen to see some photos of fish caught or other interesting experiences caught on camera.

On behalf of the Committee I wish each member good health and best wishes and please stay safe. Hopefully, this pandemic will soon be brought under control and we can once again enjoy good fellowship and mucking around in our boats.

Best Wishes
Peter Buitenhuis

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