Commodore’s Report: Autumn, 2017

Wednesday 8th February, 2017
Peter Buitenhuis

The Summer Holidays have now passed and there has been fantastic activity around the club with lots of members enjoying our facilities and getting out and playing with their boats sailing, cruising, fishing and socialising with other club members.

Hopefully some of the members have met up with our new Social Secretary, Helen McCrimmon. We are delighted to have Helen join the Committee. She brings new skills to the club and is very enthusiastic. We hope Helen enjoys her new vocation and I am certain that with her excellent Social Subcommittee, we are going to see some fun and happy social events coming up. Helen has retired to Newhaven and with her husband Wayne have been members of the club for some time. They own a Whittley Power boat and have a marina pen. Helen is keen to see her children and grandchildren get involved with the club’s activities and now that she and Wayne have time, they are keen to get to know members of the club. The social activities throughout December and January – which were Helen’s first activities – went very well, and everyone had a fantastic time. There is plenty going on for you to enjoy at the club: sailing activities, fishing activities, Easter Bunny, and happy hour every Saturday night. Have a look at our web site to keep abreast of all the activities planned and get involved to get the best out of your club. Our Website, if you have not had a look lately, is

Our security cameras are all working now and you can log onto our web site and look at the boats in the marina, or have a look at the weather conditions. We have been trying to get this right for some time and we had all sorts of technical problems to sort out. But we are very pleased at the result. Have a look when you have a chance.

We have been working on new membership cards. These look fantastic and are a wallet size plastic that can be used when visiting other clubs; but also to be used at club functions. A lot of work has gone into designing these and I commend the Committee members who worked hard to get these right. They look very professional and something to be proud of.

We are also looking at our merchandise. John, our treasurer, with his partner Judy, are now looking after this and you will be seeing lots of new club regalia becoming available. Let John know if you have any ideas for merchandise. I am sure he will happy to hear from you.

Our lease – which is a 21-year lease – is up for review in February, 2018. This is managed by council. Given that we are a not-for-profit community organisation, we have a reduced rate each year of $5,000. Plus we pay rates to the council in access of $3,500 PA. We have formed a working party to manage this and we want to make certain council understands that we are a community organisation and do not have any commercial interests; hence the special rate of lease. We will also be exploring the size of the lease hold. In the early years when our lease was granted through an act of parliament were given permission to have 10 acres. At some stage this was reduced to 5 acres. For the future, it would be good to have the 10 acres re-instated. We currently have over 40 members on the marina waiting list, and our club offering the only safe harbour for Phillip Island. It would be wonderful if we could extend the marina to offer more opportunities for members to be able have their boats in a safe marina.

As we move to winter remember not to go into hibernation. We still have lots of activities all year around. Join and keep active. I wish you and your families safe and happy boating, and look forward to seeing you around the club.

Best Wishes

Peter Buitenhuis: Commodore NYS

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