Commodore’s Report, Spring 2017

Sunday 13th August, 2017
Peter Buitenhuis

This is my last report as Commodore of Newhaven Yacht Squadron. I have been your Commodore for the past 4 years since 2013, and as many of you know I have decided not to stand for re-election at this year’s Annual General Meeting, and interested members are invited to nominate for this important and prestigious position in the Squadron.

My four years as Commodore has certainly gone fast. I am proud of the way the committee members have applied themselves to their particular tasks and I thank each and every member of the Committee and those in Sub Committee positions for their dedication and support throughout this time. Setting of policies, making decisions and examining opportunities, as well as day to day activities concerning the squadron, are decided through the Committee and the role of Commodore is akin to being Chairman of the Board. Many members have opinions on how the club should be run and what decisions should be made for the good of the club and
its members. The Committee is appointed to undertake the decision making process and charged with developing policy and the management of the club. The Commodore’s Role is not only to represent the club at various functions, but also to direct, facilitate and chair committee meetings. Sometimes the Commodore may need to get involved when the decision process is difficult due to enthusiastic debate, but in the end, all matters are put to the vote and a show of hands is normal process once an item has been tabled. I am proud of the way the Committee conduct themselves, always with great enthusiasm, excellent debate on issues, respecting different points of view but always looking at what is considered best for the club and its members as a whole. I would point out that all members of the Committee are volunteers, and the dedication, effort and time freely given to the club is to be commended.

The club is in great shape both financially and socially; in the time I have been Commodore there have been many decisions and activities that have improved the club as a whole. Given the size of the club and given that we employ only one part time accounts person, Vicki (who does a tremendous job) and pay a small retainer to Glen Botterill, (who runs the maintenance yard) every other activity is carried out by volunteers. If you consider everything that must happen to keep the club running, the end result is amazing. Thank you also to all the other volunteers who make the club function as well as it does. There are too many to name but these members volunteer out of a love for the club and they will know who I am referring to and that their input is invaluable and very much appreciated. I plan to remain on the Finance Sub-Committee and will
continue to be involved with the steering committee for our upcoming 21-year lease renewal (due for renewal in February 2018) which is currently in negotiation with Bass Coast Shire Council.

If you are interested in nominating for a committee position, I would be happy to discuss what the position of
Commodore entails, or for that matter any other position that is eligible for re-election. If you have the skills and are passionate about the club, the elections will be held at the next Annual General Meeting on 14th October 2017 and this is your opportunity to come aboard and make a difference; it is a rewarding experience. Information on nominating is elsewhere in this magazine, or contact the Club Secretary, David Tonkin whose contact details are on the opposite page.

From January 1, 2017, the Child Safe Standards is a legal requirement that applies to all sporting organisations
that operate and provide sporting services to children within Victoria. These Standards aim to protect children and reduce any opportunities for abuse or harm to occur. All such sporting services are required to have a Child Safe Policy and a Child Safe Code of Conduct. The Newhaven Yacht Squadron Child Safe Policy can be found on the Newhaven Yacht Squadron website. The Newhaven Yacht Squadron Code of Conduct helps members, coaches, officials, volunteers and parents by providing them with guidance on how to best support children, and how to avoid or better manage difficult situations. It is a requirement that all members accept the Code by signing and returning a copy. Accordingly, all members will receive a copy of the Code included with the usual annual forms.

If you have not yet had a chance, please take the time to look at our website, and also check our Facebook page; you will find lots of interesting information.

Once again, I thank all the members who have supported me in the role as Commodore and I wish everyone happy and safe boating. See you around the club!

Best wishes,
Peter Buitenhuis

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