Fire & Emergency Awareness

Wednesday 18th October, 2017
Stan Jackson

On Sunday, October 15, we had 18 members attend a Fire & Emergency Awareness session conducted by Rick McKay and 6 other members of the San Remo Fire Brigade.

The informative theory part of the session maintained the interest of all participants.  Rick, an ex-fire engineer with an extensive background in working in a variety of marinas throughout Australia, covered the science / behaviour of fire, fire-fighting strategy, fire extinguishing, and emergency management.  The participants then undertook a practical session that involved using fire extinguishers and the marina fire hoses.

This session was the beginning of a relationship with the San Remo Fire Brigade during which the brigade will assist NYS to review its resources and strategies relating to fire and emergency prevention / response.  We thank the brigade members for their time and the presentation of this session, and we look forward to developing a strong partnership with it.

With the busy boating season approaching, it is worthwhile all boaters reflecting on their fire prevention / response resources and strategies appropriate for their own vessel, as well as contemplation of possible strategies in reaction to a fire within the marina. 

Some basic learnings from the session may assist:

Life Safety is the Highest Priority.  Therefore Evacuation takes priority over extinguishing the fire

* General Fire Orders:
– Assist anyone in immediate danger if safe to do so
– Call Fire Brigade 000
– Evacuate unnecessary persons to Assembly Area
– Attack the fire if safe to do so
– Stay at assembly area and account for everyone

– If possible, prepare for easy and efficient access by the fire brigade

Portable Fire Extinguishers:
– Readily accessible adjacent to exit
– Keep clear of obstructions
– Indicator on gauge in green section
– Regularly maintained and serviced
– People with breathing difficulties may be affected by Dry Chemical

– Try to use from upwind; aim at the base of the fire; and spread the foam around

* Fire Blankets:
– Remove blanket from case or pouch
– Find the two straps on the blanket, have them facing you and grip them so that your hands are protected from the fire
– Hold at arm’s length
– Approach fire cautiously using the blanket to shield you from the fire
– Gently place blanket over fire
– Turn off heat source
– Allow to cool
– Call Fire Brigade

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