Jim’s Bait and Tackle Fishing Report: 14/03/2021

Monday 15th March, 2021
Craig Edmonds

Events for the last 12 months have been all but extinct but as things start to make more sense and management of covid changes there is the odd event that is in the planning or about to happen. Local markets while they have still been running confidence seems to be coming back and trust in those running them to take all the necessary precautions to make it happen is growing and attendances are getting better. Events will start the same but be sure if it is an event with the backing of the BCS there will have been many conversations around what and how to do things safely. The Walk for the Kids Good Friday walk is one event coming up that raises money for the Royal Childrens hospital appeal along the very scenic George Bass Walk. For those who have been involved you will notice several changes to comply with DHHS and information can be found on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/walkforthekidskilcundatosanremo) or by dropping into the San Remo Hotel and Jims Bait and Tackle. We of course have our fishing competition at Easter time also raising money for the Good Friday Appeal and you can find details and now the prize list on our socials, Facebook, and Instagram. There are also a few other events happening around the area over the next few weeks and easter, jump on to the BCS events page to keep up to date with what’s on. It’s also important to remember that the event organisers are doing everything and understand the importance of following these guidelines that are required to minimise any risk but, also feel it’s important for everyone’s mental well-being that we all try to get back to some type of a normal before we head into the usual dreary winter period.

Weather permitting it will be a busy Easter holiday period and based on the reports of the last few weeks there will be plenty of fish still around. I am not an expert by any means so just coming from observations but the health of our waterways at the moment is excellent and as good as I can remember since we had the shop. There have been years in the past where more fish have been caught and listen to the stories before bag limits, the fishing was better, but it does take much longer to build up stock than to deplete it. When you drive around the bay on the low tides there is a lot of grasses on the banks, the bait fish numbers and varieties just seem to be growing each year. The other thing that changes is almost all species of fish we catch around here have their cycles and come and go which we have seen plenty of over the 15 year of having the shop. Just look at offshore for the last couple of years with the tuna, who would have guessed 5 or even 3 years ago that we were going to see so many tuna caught 20 minutes from the boat ramp.

Speaking of the tuna it would appear that they are in no hurry to go anywhere and there was plenty caught again this week considering the few opportunities that were available. While the size hasn’t changed a lot for the whole time they have been here, 15kg to 40kg mostly on the lower end, the lures they are taking has. It definitely started off with very small skirts and typically different days were different colours whereas over the last couple of weeks we have seen far more variety of lures being successful. We are still hearing of people finding them and them not taking anything, sometimes for hours before they turn on and will take everything you throw at them. Finding that time is the problem, and many give up before they do turn on. Because they aren’t taking the lures you are throwing at them don’t straight away think you have the wrong colour or type, you simply have the wrong time on that day. Over the long weekend we had the same story from over a dozen customers, “we trawled around and couldn’t get them to take lures and then we changed to x lure and off they went” the biggest problem with those reports was, every one of those dozen people got them to bite on a different lure and at different times of the day, sort of blows the theory of them only taking one type/colour of lure out the window. Have variety in size, type and colour and keep changing them around eventually everything will line up. one bycatch of the tuna has been some very big 3kg plus salmon and plenty of kingfish. Several good bags of flathead offshore this week as well.

Back in the bay and the whiting are still a little fussy but better than last few weeks and the reports where you got them in good numbers and size, or you just didn’t find them at all there wasn’t a lot in the middle. Pinkies are all over the place despite it looking like we were getting a second run they are very patchy, unless you count the very small undersized ones and finding those 38cm to 45cm are just luck. A handful of gummies that were all on the smaller side with keepers that just made it and first signs of the temps cooling, not that they got very high anyway, with reports of seven gills in the bay. I often get asked why most of my reports are from boats and there is very few land based and the answer is easy, land-based anglers just don’t like reporting their catches to us so makes it very difficult for me to pass them on.

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