Jim’s Bait and Tackle Fishing Report: 14/5/2020

Wednesday 17th June, 2020
Craig Edmonds

After a busy long weekend things have certainly come to grinding halt this week and the reports definitely slowed down with not that many out fishing. Thankfully though, despite there not being many out fishing they caught some quality fish and we have something to report. The weather is hanging on and with the crazy year we have had many of those who would normally put their boats into layup insurance and have decided not to and have been out using them. There was a lot of people over the long weekend fishing off the land and many of those reports didn’t come in until during the week so missed last week’s report.

There is no doubt the weather is getting cooler, daylight no sooner runs out after it starts and the boat ramps and jetties are much quieter. What this quiet time of the year does is give us plenty of time to get all our gear ready for the upcoming season so when the fish turn up we are ready to go. That means servicing reels, checking rods, re-spooling reels and making sure we have all the tackle and rigs ready to go. At the shop we also have plenty of time and now is when you need to bring in your gear for repair and service. Bring it in, leave it with us and pick it up when you are ready to go fishing knowing at least your gear won’t let you down. Now is the best time to organise your boat service as well when repair shops have more time. The problem with this time of the year, especially this year is finances for many are going to be a bit tight but most places you shop will offer you some type of payment plan, or as we do offer a layby account so you can do your shopping now, pay it off over the next couple of months then pick it up in time for the season.

You will see advertising everywhere at the moment for shopping local and this can be done in many different ways. If you would normally head out for a meal once a week, while there are restrictions in numbers eating in why not grab some takeaway and sit at home in front of the heater and enjoy your meal. You have an occasion coming up then why not look for something unique at your local gift shop and not the bigger department stores. If you are going to shop online try and do so at sellers in Australia. Even better why not drop into your local store that sells the same or similar item and see what they can do for you, it might surprise you just how competitive they can be. We have been asking this for a little while now and we would like to thank everyone that has been in over the last couple of months and at least given us a go, we were able to match most of the prices we were asked about and in some cases bettered the quote they were given.

The calamari reports are still patchy, there doesn’t seem to be any reason and it’s only perseverance that has made some successful. There has been no pattern at all with any of the reports and thinking you have worked it out will only lead to disappointment. The best advice I could give from the reports is just go and fish when you normally would and where you normally would and if it’s your day you will land a few. The reports we got came from all the regular areas, caught on baited and artificial jigs and from boat or land. The only thing that could be seen as a pattern was all the reports we received from those in boats or kayaks were caught on artificial jigs while the land based was a mixture of both.

In the bay there are plenty of pinkies, very small pinkies and by the 1,000’s and almost everywhere you stop. They are a little like todies and the more burley you use the more you get around the boat and the more difficult it is to keep baits of any size in the water. If you are chasing something bigger, snapper or gummies it’s only going to be luck that they find your bait before the pinkies. You could put out as big a bait as you want, whole squid, ½ a salmon and there are so many pinkies they will strip it in no time at all. In the time we have been in the shop I don’t remember this many pinkies to still be around this time of the year. In amongst the tiny pinkies we did see some around the 3kg.

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