Jim’s Bait and Tackle Fishing Report: 16/8/2020

Tuesday 18th August, 2020
Craig Edmonds

There are plenty of people that live in this area that travel every day to Melbourne metro to work but with the current lockdowns in Melbourne they are unable to work, so are looking for ways to pass the time of day with many heading out fishing. The best thing is you can grab some gear and head down to the beach or jetty without it costing you a fortune and possibly supplement your weekly shop with a few feeds of fish. Don’t forget with 90% of your fishing spending lots of money won’t change your success but spending a little in the right places could improve your chances dramatically. No point having a thousand dollar rod and reel and then using a hook that you have trouble pushing through your bait it is so blunt. Money is tight and with future earnings uncertain for many make sure you are spending it on the gear that will help you the most, not the gear that makes you look like you know what you are doing. We have found over the last month or more an increasing amount of customers telling us, “we would normally buy our gear on line but thought we would support the locals during this time” This is a comment we have been hearing from other businesses around the area and it is very pleasing to get that support from our customers, let’s hope it continues well after all this is over.

Apart from everything else that is happening the excellent weather we are having is getting a lot more people than normal out fishing for this time of the year. Because there are more out fishing, naturally we are getting more reports. The reports are coming from all over the place and again I think because of the weather we have seen plenty of days where all the carparks at the boat ramp are full. There have been a lot of kids out fishing with their parents as well, one young customer telling us it is part of his schooling, outdoor education! We have had plenty of people in taking up fishing for the first time or finally taking up fishing after moving here for a lifestyle years ago but work had still been getting in the way. There is often good that comes out of bad and if the good is people are actually starting to enjoy their surroundings, instead of just driving past them, it can only be a good thing for the future.

Sometimes you have a perfect day out fishing when a plan comes together, generally you don’t have too many in your fishing history, luck also plays a big part. Good customer Steve headed out Saturday with a plan to catch a snapper. Heading into Cleeland bight first thing looking for calamari for some fresh bait he managed to find a couple of quality ones then headed to look for a snapper. Thirty minutes after sending us a photo of the calamari he had moved up the bay and a photo of the sounder with a couple of quality arches, 10 minutes later the first snapper, 20 minutes after that 3 quality snapper in the esky and heading home. We had a couple of other reports of snapper from along the channel beside French Island, but those reports were of only one fish each. We were told of bigger snapper caught further up off spit point area but didn’t actually see them.

Whiting reports haven’t been anything special for the last couple of weeks with very few reports or reports of only one or two fish. We did see a couple of bags into double figures with no reason why or how with far more zeros from those looking for them.

Some excellent quality calamari were reported but numbers and consistency aren’t quite there as yet but the signs are more promising than they have been. The jetties have been very quiet and a little frustrating with perfect conditions at times for calamari but for no success. The beaches at Ventnor and cleeland bight have been the best for the land based anglers with mixed sizes of calamari showing up now. The boats and kayaks, as normal is where the best reports came from and the usual places, cleeland bight, reef island, and off Cowes but the best of the calamari reports came from offshore in the deep water where some 4kg models showed up.

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