Jim’s Bait and Tackle Fishing Report 20/04/21

Sunday 25th April, 2021
Craig Edmonds

THAT’S IT, officially the end of the season for 2020! The Easter long weekend followed by the Autumn school holidays signifies the end of the Summer season. Victoria is known to have 4 seasons in one day, the last week has been nothing short of what you would expect for this time of year, pouring rain to sunshine in the matter of an hour!

The one thing we have noticed over the last couple of weeks is the number of new visitors to the Island that are experiencing their first holiday here, they were either supposed to go overseas or up north but decided to stay local. The amount of which have now said they have booked the next holiday is a positive step for the Island, I mean who wouldn’t want to come back here!

There has been nothing short of the word “drastic” change in the temperature this week making it almost seem like an impossible task for some wanting to fight those single digit degree mornings as well as the imposing daylight savings that have now shortened our fishing mornings. Those who have been able to compute these changes and brave the dark and cold have been rewarded with the most variety in fish and the larger catch.


Still the predominate species of the week, most of those that are being caught are from those getting up early morning and heading off Rhyl in that 8m of water. We are still seeing some decent sized Whiting both fat and long, a feed at least.


We are now starting to see more and more Flatties coming in, but again not everyone is finding many that are worth keeping. It seems the majority of the Westernport flathead population are on a diet as they seem to be all skinny. Offshore this week those who were able to brave the large swells we have had have managed to find a bag of Flathead with ease.


Definitely a difficult week this week on the squid! Those who have been lucky enough to find them have found them to be very underwhelming in size, with only every third person reporting anything worth telling.

To keep the strange events of the last few months going, our Pinkies population have turned into Piranhas! A customer early in the week brought me in a video to show of the little pink fish turned Amazon predators almost jumping out of the water to get to the baits before it even hits the water. Unfortunately, a lot of those Pinkies are right where you need to be to get to the good-sized Whiting, be persistent and move around if need be.

The Salmon, a bit late, are only just starting to come onto the bite most coming from Anzacs beach at Woolamai averaging that 1kg in size, with a few bigger schools seen floating past the San Remo pier and being caught off Newhaven.

The weather has not been the best for offshore fishing the last week with us averaging about 3 days that we actually considered fishable. The phone has been ringing non-stop as I write this report with everyone desperate to know about the Tuna situation. To answer everyone, yes, the Tuna are still here! The Bluefin are still out and about and don’t seem in any hurry to leave, they are still in huge school but have spent the last few days around that 25m-30m deep. Unfortunately, the last few days have not actually produced any catches, but as we all know that’s fishing.

As we begin to enter our off-season, we have reduced our hours at the shop. We are now closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and have reduced hours every other day, please visit our website or Facebook page as any changes in shop hours will be updated regularly there.

As per usually there are always things to happen around this time off year, we will be looking at a shop update, this includes clearing out some of last season’s stock, again keep an eye on the socials as this is where most of our specials and sales are generally advertised.

As a quick side note as commercial seasons are coming to an end, some baits are becoming unavailable to us, there is always more than one bait option for each species, pop in store and if your favorite isn’t available talk to us and we can point you in the right direction (we promise we will share our secrets).

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