Jim’s Bait and Tackle Fishing Report: 22/11/2020

Wednesday 25th November, 2020
Craig Edmonds

I think the weather bureau computers must have caught some type of virus because they couldn’t have been any less accurate if they had of been throwing darts at a board. Once they finally settled on a forecast, changing it every couple of hours, Saturday was totally opposite. Saturdays forecast was for a chance of fishing in the morning then forget the afternoon because of strong winds, the actual was, morning ok and the day got better and better the later it got then Sunday changed so many times it was going to be a guess at best. Thankfully, there are plenty of people that actually look out the window and at their barometer, maybe a hint there for the weather bureau, and realised the wind wasn’t coming and headed out. Those who did go for a fish kept close to home and didn’t take unnecessary chances because of what the experts predicted but most were glad they did finding some very good fish.

As we have mentioned several times, we are extremely grateful to our loyal customers that have got us to this stage, and we are giving back where we can. December we will be running a whiting fishing competition “Tins for Tings” it’s a simple competition that starts on the 1st of December and runs through to the 22nd. The two heaviest whiting caught during that time will win a $100 meal voucher for either the Westernport or San Remo Hotel. There are also weekly prizes of $20 vouchers for the San Remo or Westernport hotels for those closest to the weekly mystery weight. FREE entry, NO registration, Weight 2 whiting each per day towards the mystery weight prize, fish from the land, boat, kayak, more information, and results find us on Facebook. Don’t forget our weekly auctions and if you were wanting to purchase a gift for someone but can’t hide it at home, we will be open until 5pm on Christmas eve and can store it until then for you.

We had some very good reports this week and it was a mixture of quality size reports and quality quantity reports. While, from the reports, there was patterns this week what was a little confusing was you got quality size fish, or you got a full bag of fish but not both. The reports of snapper were the same for the week, deep water off Rhyll or Elizabeth island in the early mornings. During the day the snapper moved out of the deep onto some of the shallower areas around the corals, overcast days were the best with the bright sunny days a struggle. Then as the dark gets closer into the evening the snapper was heading to the shallows of the mud off coronet bay. There is still an abundance of pinkies that are way too small, but you need to persevere with them because the bigger snapper are swimming with them. We had a lot of reports this week of snapper between 3kg and 4kg which are that perfect eating size. The bigger fish are still being reported but for some reason there seemed to be more of that table fish size, a shade over 7kg the best this week. It would also appear that some forgot their ruler with reports that a couple of people were caught with undersize ones, there was also a rumour getting around that someone was caught with around a dozen of them. Doesn’t make a lot of sense in that they are future stock but more that there is nothing on them even if you were to cook them whole, hopefully these people won’t be able to fish for a while, maybe a suspension of their fishing licence would be a way to go.

Whiting reports are continuing to be on the good side however this week the numbers were down slightly and the size a little smaller for most. We headed out on Wednesday for a quick whiting fish on the last of the run-out tide, obviously several others had the same idea and we stopped counting when we got to 100 boats, from Corinella to tortoise head. We fished off Rhyll in a little deeper, 12m than the week before and had a similar result with a dozen good whiting to take home, a few others too small, dozens of pinkies, none to take home and some tiny flathead. We had other reports from customers around us that had similar and better catches and reports from those who fished shallower off Rhyll of not as many fish but better quality. Cleeland bight produced several good reports and dickies bay was patchy but still some good reports. we caught all our whiting on fresh squid and a couple of customers told me that pilchards or pippies worked for them.

Calamari reports are getting better now, and we are starting to see not only better numbers but mixed sizes with smaller ones showing up. Despite the dredge working at the San Remo jetty the reports were good with some very big ones caught and lost during the week. The beach at cleeland bight has been very productive for some that have got their timing correct and boating customers are finding all that they need.

Other reports that came in was some flathead offshore on Sunday once the swell settled, couta in the bay, yakkas from around Cowes and a few small salmon off the beaches. We did get several reports of gummies this week and while plenty were keepers, they weren’t that big and the best we had reported from in the bay was a bit over 1.35m, there was plenty undersize ones also.  

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