Jim’s Bait and Tackle Fishing Report: 23/3/2020

Wednesday 25th March, 2020
Craig Edmonds

WE ARE OPEN! I say that with in trepidation because by the time I post it things might have changed. As it currently stands we are and on advice from authorities we are able to remain open BUT that will no doubt change tomorrow, next week or 2 weeks no one knows. Without creating a panic buy, although if I can’t trade for 6 months I wouldn’t mind, once we are told to close, and all my information is telling me it will be once not if you won’t be able to get any bait of tackle from us and probably anywhere as suppliers close down. We have plenty of stock at the moment. We will continue to take advice from the health authorities and use best practices within the store. We ask our customers to do the same. If you get here and there are a few in the shop just wait outside until they leave, ideally 4 people in the shop at once. If possible please pay with card and not cash and I guess most importantly if you are unwell stay home.

EASTER FISHING COMPETITION, because at this stage we have no idea what Easter will even look like we have no idea what the competition will look like. Just keep an eye on our Facebook page and we will update you as it gets closer. Those already entered we will contact you directly as we make decisions.

With all this craziness around it’s been good to see a bit of settled weather during the week and with that came some very good reports. We have seen some quality table fish and with the meat freezers in the supermarkets empty most of the time, catching you dinner isn’t a bad option. Reports this week came from both in the bay and offshore with a handful from the land based customers. With the good weather several reports came from those customers that jump in the boat or kayak after work for a quick fish. Many of these customers will target a species because of their short window to fish and it’s usually calamari or whiting. With the calm conditions offshore, there was also a few reports of tuna schools and plenty of mackerel and salmon. Land based the biggest complaint was the weed, that seems to be getting worse as we have this unsettled weather and you have to pick you time to fish. There are periods through the tide, generally the end or beginning of the run that are all but weed free and you will also find some of the headlands give you protection so just do a bit of investigating before you get the rods out of the car.

We see a lot of kayaks every year that will park in the carpark on the foreshore and head up the channel into dickies bay, the problem is they forget about the tide and you either see them struggling to paddle against it to get home or need to drag the kayak 300m along the mud and up the beach. Kayaking is a great way to head out fishing and often the reports we get from kayaks is better than the boating reports, but they are human powered, and a bit of thought is often needed to navigate the waterways to make it easier for yourself.

The reports of pinkies have been very good, and we have seen some quality coming from off the corals. Fish up to and over 4kg have been coming back and in good numbers with boats bagging out without too many problems. There are still plenty of pinkies that are undersized showing up and can be a nuisance, but preserver and the bigger ones will come along.

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