Jim’s Bait and Tackle Fishing Report: 28/3/2020

Monday 30th March, 2020
Craig Edmonds

For the last week or so Melanie and I had made the decision to stay open for our customers so they can get supplies to head out fishing but as this virus spreads and more people seem to be travelling because they are out of work, also because both of us are in a higher risk category if we were to get it, we, have made the decision now is the time to close the door for a while. We haven’t taken the decision lightly especially after the very ordinary season we have had with the weather and then the bushfires but a necessary one for ourselves and those closest to us. We thank everyone in advance for their patience and understanding through this period and going forward.

We have a few things in the planning, online, phone orders and after we spend a few days digesting the closure we will keep everyone updated on Facebook. We will be looking at a few competitions and auctions on our Facebook as well just to keep in touch with our customers. It is an fast evolving situation and no doubt between writing this and the paper coming out things will change. Like everyone we are closing for an uncertain period of time and like everyone we are uncertain what things will look like when we can re-open but all that is out of our hands.

Just a thought while you are sitting around at home!
It will appear at some stage all of us will have a bit of time at home and no doubt plenty of time on the computer to search around the online stores. While you are shopping online, think about the end of this virus. Once someone clicks their fingers and says we can all return to ordinary life it will take several months before businesses are anyway near up and running again, many with a much larger debt than they went into the closures. There will be 1,000’s of desperate small businesses wanting customers to walk back in through their doors. And let’s not forget the dozens of businesses that are still suffering because the bushfires and now hit with this. If you really need to buy something make sure the place you are buying from is an Australian company or an Australian online store and not just an Australian address. If you don’t need it right now wait until local business is back at work and show your support for them.

While you digest the above think about the sponsors names at your local sporting club or the people that supported the hamper for your schools last fundraiser, don’t think you will find too many overseas eBay shops.

Melanie and I will be back as soon as we can and so will the weekly reports.

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