Jim’s Bait and Tackle fishing report 5/7/21

Sunday 11th July, 2021
Craig Edmonds

Here they are, another lot of school holidays is upon us and in comparison, to normal Winter school holidays, the Island is buzzing. It’s bittersweet to think San Remo and the Island are a constellation prize, as I’m sure many families had other holidays booked, Queensland, WA, NSW that all had to be cancelled due to restrictions. Whilst I don’t blame these families for wanting to chase the warmth that often doesn’t exist this time of year in Victoria, I am still grateful they have chosen here as a place to bring the family. Afterall there is always something to be done here, something to see, even through the clouds the Island still has a certain beauty you won’t find interstate.

The last week we have been extremely lucky with the weather, there has been a lot of sunny days even up to a scorching 17 degrees, people were even wearing t-shirts and the occasional pair of shorts! With the warmth there hasn’t come wind, the bay has been nice and calm all week with a lot of people being able to get offshore nearly every day work allowed (or didn’t allow, most people called in the old sickie).  The good weather generally means there is an influx of people on the jetties and the ramps carparks are normally full, this week that has only been half true. Sometimes it does surprise me at the shop day in day out listening to customers unhappy there isn’t any days of consistent weather they can fish, but don’t go out when they can. The major reason people offer me for not going out fishing is “the weather forecast is wrong, its supposed to be blowing harder” if you’re a fisherman you must realise that the seagulls at the jetty could offer you a better forecast than the weatherman could. If you get up and the weather looks good, hook the boat up, 10min to grab your gear, 10min to fill the boat up with fuel and 15min to put the boat in the water (depending on your skills) in under an hour you’re on your way. “Yes, but I don’t live near the water I can’t see it” then call your favourite tackle shop, we spend a minimum of 8hours a day staring at the water, we are always able to give you a report if you call or message us.

Another consistent week of reports.


Still going strong. The Whiting have continued to take up the majority of the reports stretching from behind the police station to the last red pole heading out of the eastern entrance. More so than any other time, low tides have been standing out as the productive moment to catch them. Unfortunately, a lot of the reports we are receiving are of very skinny but long fish returning many to the water as there isn’t enough on their bones.


In the bay, Flathead have been a bit slow below the bay with better reports coming from up the top of the bay towards Reef Island, although there seems to be something up that way stealing a lot of baits and rigs. Offshore the Flathead are still dominating, at the current time the majority of people heading out there are chasing the Tuna and settling for a quick bottom bash on the way back in.


The Calamari are beginning to pick up, there isn’t just one place either, a lot of reports from a lot of different places. When I say a lot of places, I mean land based, squid from the boats are still a little vague. The artificial jigs have proven more dominant than a baited spike from the beaches and bait spikes more dominant on the jetties.


Still here. Still in big schools. Still big fish. Its just that time of year, still Kilcunda off the rocks or Anzacs early morning. This week they have been taking Pilchards more than the metal lures. Salmon fishing is about being in the right place at the right time.

Everyone wants to know. Yes, the Tuna are still around and yes, they have been seen, but that’s as much as we have been reported too. Just because they are there doesn’t always mean they are being caught. Plenty are seeing them but not a huge amount of people is actually hooking up. The Tuna seem more interested in the smaller bait fish that fills their tummies than the plastic skirts people are chucking at them. Its uncommon this time of year so lower your expectations and you might be lucky.

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