Jim’s Bait and Tackle Fishing Report Nov 7, 2021

Monday 8th November, 2021
Craig Edmonds

It was great to welcome back all our metro customers after they were released just before the long weekend. All the fishing spots, land and boat were busy, and we saw plenty of numbers and quality of fish. The weekend was also our first real trial of implementing the covid check in rules before they get even tougher for businesses. Sadly, the result was we were spending far too much time reminding people to check in. Its noting new and everyone should know that it’s a requirement of entry to all businesses that you must wear a mask and you must check in, it’s also the only way of me being able to keep the door open. The other concerning thing was it wasn’t just one or two it was around 80% of those who came in had to be asked to sign on especially, but not only that we filled 8, A4 pages for those who didn’t have their phones with them. What I must say though is, except for 1 person, yes, a local not from Melbourne calling me every name ever invented everyone else was compliant with little complaint since we have had to implement these rules.

To make it more difficult in the coming weeks, they say around the 24th of November unvaccinated people will be unable to enter non-essential businesses. Because we are in this category it will mean us checking the vax status of everyone entering. So, for those who filled in the A4 pages you will need to go back and find your phone or your vax certificate to show us. It has been said many times but please remember we do not make up these rules we simply have to implement them to stay in business. Do we agree with the rules, doesn’t matter, do we find it invasive, doesn’t matter, do we think it’s all a conspiracy, doesn’t matter what does matter is for us to be able to provide a service to you we must do it, if you think it’s easy put yourself in the shoes of the business owner. If we were to be caught doing the wrong thing and are finned, which are considerable, we would no longer be here. All we ask is for a little respect when entering our business do what you need to and let things just work themselves out. For those customers not vaccinated we are not here to judge as I know there are many reasons. Please contact us privately and while you will not be able to enter the shop, we are working on a few ideas to still be able to service you tackle needs. We would also like to acknowledge and thank those who have from the start done all that is required. I am sure everything above is nothing more than a phasing in period and will just become second nature soon.

Congratulations to all those who got close to the secret weight in our Melbourne Cup sweep and managed to draw a horse that won a merch pack for you. It’s a bit of fun we do every year and again there were plenty of entries and taken in the spirit it is meant. We will be continuing our weekly auctions soon up to Christmas and plenty of other ways to be involved in competitions. One we are looking forward to and a suggestion that came from a customer is a charity auction. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details but I can tell you there will be a bundle of our shop merch and a bag of the impossible to find real SA Pippies. It will be a bit of fun for a good cause with 100% of the proceeds going to a charity which we will announce shortly.

While on pippies the word from SA is the farmers are back at work, quota has been cut further, the demand for food is so great they are saying that they cannot see bait pippies becoming available anytime soon. Just remember this is for the real SA pippies not the imported cockles being sold at the moment, let’s hope things change and we start to see some in the bait market soon.

Despite there being no pippies the whiting reports are still coming in and in very good numbers and sizes over the last couple of weeks. Squid, mussel, and pilchard fillet doing the trick and all of the normal places and times. The where and when has settled a bit and its where and when you would expect with some of the not so common areas not quite as successful lately. Tide changes and mostly shallow the best with only a couple of reports from the deeper areas. One thing that was noticeable with the reports was everyone was telling us the sizes were very mixed. You would pull in a 20cm one then next cast it would be a 45cm one, there was no consistency in the schools of whiting.

Snapper are at that stage where they have become a little harder to find as they make their move from the top end to the corals area. Daytime has been very difficult in the boats, and we have seen more from the jetties at random times during the daylight. The two bookends of the day have been the time with very early morning and evening into the dark the best. Still some very good quality snapper around but a lot more of the smaller pan size moving in. We had a lot of reports over the cup weekend of the undersized ones, mostly during the day. Deeper early and shallow in the evening with during the day a bit or a lottery and just a guess. The very small fish don’t seem to be around in that very early morning or late evening so that’s the best time to fish if you want to avoid them.

Calamari are well worth the effort of chasing at the moment both from land and boat with some quality reports lately. The jetty at San Remo and Newhaven while still hit and miss the hits are much better and we even had reports from customers bagging out, all from after dark. The reports from the boats also good and several finding good numbers. If you found good numbers, the size was average but if you only found a few the size was excellent. It’s great to see people chasing calamari in different areas and while they are fishing for other species with another dozen or so from across the corals, quality size well over the 1kg mark. Jig colour hasn’t settled into any pattern with all the colours of the rainbow successful, expensive, or cheap and baited jigs still holding their own.  

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