Jims Bait and Tackle Fishing Report Oct 3, 2021

Sunday 3rd October, 2021
Craig Edmonds

Putting all things covid aside, how good has the fishing been! Don’t let the stress of what’s happening around you get you down too much, do your bit and let others do what they see as right for them and let’s just get on with living. Fishing is a great way to get away from it all and just chill for an afternoon or two. While we understand money is tight you can get into fishing for very little cost and there is no comparison, especially right now, between sitting for a few hours in front of the TV or sitting for a couple of hours on a beach or jetty somewhere. The latter will most definitely be far better for your mental health. Sadly I think the biggest toll from the last 18 months or so is still to come when the mental strain hits many people in many different ways. Next time you go into your local shop and things don’t quite seem right maybe spend an extra 5 minutes from your day and have a chat. While the last 18months may not have had any effect on you that 5 minutes might just be all someone else needs to get through. I am certainly no expert in this field but if you are the person who need to have a chat make sure you reach out early, a 5-minute phone call or visit to someone might make a massive difference to your wellbeing and help you get through this period with a positive ending, sadly we are seeing at the moment many are leaving it too late and the ending is not so positive.

The bay is a currently alive everywhere with all sorts of fish, bait fish, big fish, small fish, crabs and all things in-between that doesn’t always. One thing for certain is it’s definitely spring, it’s the early weeks where the water comes up in temperature (currently between 12.8 and 14), we see those four seasons in one day and the fish reports reflect the weather. Then for some reason the tap is turned on and all of a sudden it all changes and schools of fish start to thicken up and we have several texts a day with reports.

Everything continued along a similar path to the last few weeks with all expected species reported but with a slight increase in numbers due to the run of very good weather. What didn’t change is trying to work out where to fish and from the reports it was even more confusing. We had reports again of snapper in the shallows, the deep, the fast-moving channels and 100’s on the sounder resulting in no fish at all. The water temp hasn’t settled yet and it reflects in the movement of the snapper. It won’t be long and they will fire up but until then the best advice is just keep trying your favourite spots but try all of your favourite snapper spots not your favourite October spots. The quantity of quality and the variety of sizes and areas we have seen so far is suggesting that once they fire up there will be plenty for all.

If you are going to target whiting and calamari, good luck, and I would suggest harnessing as much luck from somewhere as you can. Like the snapper we had some very good reports and like the snapper they were from everywhere. Whiting customers are slowly adjusting to the no pippies and that is getting a lot of the blame but in reality, it’s just as simple as the old 50 – 5 rule, 50m off or 5 minutes late. I wouldn’t put a lot of wasted time into blaming the baits because we are getting plenty of people reporting whiting in the same spot you are fishing caught on baits other than pippies. Calamari are the same with some blaming the colour of the jig or not having a baited jig to use but you are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. We are still early in the season and I always suggest, especially in the boats, take plenty of variety of colour and always have a baited jig set up ready to go. Once the season goes on artificial will out do the baited ones but for some reason you need to have both to be successful even if the baited one is just used as a bit of a teaser. The quality of the whiting this week continued to outdo the quantity which I think is always favourable to be that way and those with the calamari it was a case of if you found them 6 or so was a real chance with at least a couple of quality.


We would like to thank everyone for their patients over the last few months while we were re arranging the shop and appreciate the positive feedback on the new layout. This time of year we get a lot of our stock deliveries for the Summer which is helping to fill up the shelves. Whilst there is still a lot of desired regular products stuck somewhere between here and there, we also have a lot of new products. We have expanded our range of stock, almost 50 new stock lines, and introduced our customers to some really good alternatives as some of their favourite products may not be available for a while.

“Pippies” real South Australian ones are still not available, speaking with our suppliers again this week and the news isn’t good if the rumours are correct. The quotas will be cut even further, their season not due to start until the end of October but the worst is with a reduction in quota and the very high demand for food if there are any left over for bait you will need a bank loan to catch your whiting. Do yourself a favour and start getting used to using alternative baits, mussels, Squid, Pilchard fillet.

Now the days are getting longer, warmer and the fish are starting to show we will be going back to opening 7 days a week, 8 to 5 Monday to Friday and 7 to 5 weekends. We will extend the hours as the season goes on but if you want an earlier start or running a bit late give us a call there is every chance we will be here. Keep up to date on reports, specials, weekly auctions, shop hours and much more by following us on our Facebook page.

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