Jim’s Bait & Tackle Fishing Report: 15/12/19

Monday 16th December, 2019
Craig Edmonds

Not many shopping days until Christmas now and if you are still looking to buy someone a fishing Christmas gift take a look at our summer catalogue for ideas. One of the most popular items we sell for Christmas presents is a gift voucher, and while I get plenty tell me it’s not very personal but in 14 years we haven’t had one person that has received a gift voucher complain. We have changed over plenty of items that were not what the receiver wanted or already had.

While you are Christmas shopping, no matter what you are looking for, don’t forget to give your local shops a go, at least that way even if the shop is an overseas owned at least  some of the money will stay in the local area as wages of those working there, unlike the overseas online companies.

The no plastic bags in retail shops is slowly becoming the normal, although I did have someone during the week tell me they were at Cranbourne park shopping centre and many places are still handing them out. We are adjusting as is our customers which is pleasing to see with many bringing their own bags in and the rest no longer asking for one, except for one person who was in about 2 weeks ago asking for a plastic bag for his bait, when he was told sorry no longer he asked for his money back saying it was a stupid idea. I guess not everyone is convinced it’s a good idea but what was more disappointing was he was in his early 20’s someone you would have thought was more aware to the problems than someone older. The thing to remember is it will take time and won’t happen overnight; we are trying to undo 50 or 60 years of normal.

I only wish there was some way of undoing this weather pattern we have had for the last couple of months. It has been another patchy and limited opportunity week with favourable conditions for ½ days only. We had some very good reports from those days, and most came from people fishing in some not so usual spots. It was a little to do with conditions forcing people to fish differently but also a bit to do with a lot of smaller fish in the normal areas, so they went looking elsewhere for something bigger.

Whiting have gotten even smaller this week or it seems that way with far more undersize fish reported than the last few weeks. There are some very small whiting in length and under legal size but also some legal ones and up to 30 cm that aren’t worth taking because they are very thin. We haven’t seen a lot of mid 40cm ones this season and the average is probably closer to mid 30cm. Persevere and you will find a feed, it will just take a little longer and use a bit more bait but the bigger fish are there. This week the best of the whiting reports in dickies bay and cleeland bight were opposite the normal, incoming tide in cleeland bight and outgoing in dickies bay. Some of the better sized whiting came from the Rhyll side over the weekend but numbers were less than the San Remo side that had the majority of small ones.

Snapper reports were slow this week but it was expected with the weather we had. The majority of the snapper or more accurately, pinkie reports came from those chasing whiting. The bigger snapper reports we had came from the shallower areas and from the couple of evenings that were fishable. Those snapper reported from the mornings were either good pinkies or smaller snapper, just depends on what your idea of the size of a pinkie. Those caught on the whiting areas were too small and a nuisance at times making it difficult to keep a bait in the water for the whiting and one of the reasons people were trying different spots. We are getting to odd report from cleeland bight of pinkies now but hardly a report all season of bigger snapper, maybe as they are on the way out of the bay we will see some.

Calamari reports, while still a little inconsistent are just continuing to come in on a regular basis. Sounds contradictory but it’s just how the reports are coming in, every day we get reports of calamari both boats and land but every day it seems to be somewhere different or a different time of the day/tide. There isn’t any consistency to each spot and you might clean up at one spot one day it might be another 2 or 3 days before anybody catches one in the same spot. We also found over the last week the baited jigs were just as successful as the artificial ones

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