Melbourne to Osaka Update

Sunday 1st April, 2018
Stan Jackson

Below is an email I received yesterday from Elektra. The boys are going well; and seem to be really enjoying themselves.

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Fair winds, fellas.

Elektra,week one
Finally,two years of hard work and dedication and we are beating out the heads with a strong breeze,before turning for a bumpy ride to the prom.Our first “big tactical decision”which vacuum sealed home cooked meal do we pull out of the freezer ?(we went with lamb and veg casserole )Once around the prom we weaved our way through the oil rigs hugging the coast with some sensation sailing conditions.It was very nice to have the full moon shimmering on the water each night !
Once we neared lakes entrance it became a tacking duel with force eleven, it was neck and neck then “disaster”, a man overboard drill off point hicks.Unfortunately the bean bag (which after trying Chris said was a great idea)blew over the side during a tack. Of course we had to go back for it !! From there we decided to stay inshore rounding Gabo island and then zig zagging up the coast line until around bermagui where the breeze freed and we had a clear run to Jervis bay. We then headed off shore to dodge some light wind areas. Then on watch today I copped a squall and torrential down pour with no wind,taking us backwards for about half an hour or so.

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