NYS Clubhouse News – Winter 2016

Tuesday 19th July, 2016
Florain Andrighetto

At the time of writing, work is well on the way with the installation of the new sliding door in the upstairs area of the clubhouse. The result will be that the cold draft experienced by member at various functions last winter will no longer be felt. Further works involving enhancing security around the clubhouse are also being attended to.

Speaking about club functions, over the past couple of years club functions have continually improved in popularity thereby creating a need for more space. Although a welcome problem, it is not desirable that some members are turned away from functions because of a lack of space. Your committee is having discussions about possible solutions and will keep you informed on any developments. Any ideas from membership will be appreciated.


The marina sub-committee will be completing the hydrographical survey of the marina as discussed at the last AGM. Funding has been approved for the survey and it is anticipated that the work will be carried out in June depending on tides and weather. However, as all boats will need to be moved out of their berths for a short time, we will need volunteers for a day or two to assist with lines while depth measurements are being taken. If you are able to assist please leave your name with Derek Kershaw.

In relation to marina issues, thank you to those who have reported faulty power connectors in the marina. The issue is in hand and we are waiting on the arrival of new parts and faulty connectors will be replaced as soon as they arrive.

Finally, a further reminder to power boat owners using the ramp. Under no circumstances are boats permitted to be powered on to trailers. Read your by laws booklet and all rules pertaining to the use of the club ramp are contained in section 23 ‘Squadron Launching Ramp, Pontoon and Beach.’ There is also a sign reminding the same thing at the ramp so there is no excuse.

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