NYS Commodores January 2021 Newsletter

Saturday 23rd January, 2021
Peter Buitenhuis

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January 2021 Newsletter
Dear NYS Member,
I hope you are keeping well; it is unfortunate that we have seen some cases of Covid emerge again in Victoria over the past few weeks after more than 60 days at zero cases, it is now great news that we have returned to zero cases (excluding Hotel Quarantine). It does remind us how quickly things can change and how difficult and contagious this virus is. We must remain cautious and remain vigilant as we start to return to club activities. We must follow the rules including the wearing of masks, good hand washing and hygiene, keeping to 1.5M distancing rules and everyone must sign in when visiting the club. The good news is that we have developed a Covid plan for the club so that members can come to the club and enjoy our facilities albeit with Covid safe rules. We have clear signage as to what is expected from members visiting the club and we have a strict cleaning regime in place to help keep the club clean and safe. Saturday night happy hours have also resumed but under the rules we can only accommodate 48 members to the upstairs area at any time. The bar will once again be open but only when a Committee member with an RSA is present; David Tonkin has developed a roster so we will have someone manning the bar on Saturday nights. There is also a new Calendar of Events which is attached along with this newsletter so that you can see what has been planned at this stage. Please also have a look at our website: Hayden Sherburn and Stan Jackson continue to update events and articles for your enjoyment. If you have articles of interest or a story, photos or perhaps a great fishing story Haydn Sherburn, our Communication Officer, would love to hear from you. Haydn’s email is haydn.sherburn@gmail.com.
The Sailing Subcommittee are pleased to announce that our races are to start again after a long break due to the Covid. The first Aggregate Race is this Saturday 16th, briefing at 1200 for a 1300 start, all NYS Skippers and any members wishing to crew on a boat are welcome, please contact Michael Dixon 0408343319 to register and for more details.
It is with sadness that we note that a long-standing member Michael Dunn passed away on January 3rd, 2021 at King Island (Michael joined in 1982 along with his father Jack Dunn), we send our condolences to Jack and his partner Jill and wish them all the best.
Over the last 2 months we have had 20 new members join the club, a total of 32 since July 1 20, which is fabulous. We welcome these members and hope that they enjoy all that the club has to offer. I am certain that, like myself, you all look forward to meeting these new members and making them feel welcome.
We had our Committee meeting on Friday evening 8th January and as usual there was plenty to talk about. It is excellent to see the enthusiasm and dedication that your Committee demonstrate on behalf of the members. I would also like to thank the members of the Subcommittees for their work in bringing ideas to the Committee’s attention and also carrying out various tasks brought to light by the Committee. On a sadder note, Robert Millard our Training Officer has had to resign from his position on Committee for personal reasons. He will be missed on the Committee for his quiet and thoughtful ideas and counsel on matters discussed at Committee meetings. He will continue to support various programs when he is able and will remain a member of the club and we wish him all the very best. With Robert retiring from his position of Training Officer we are now looking for a suitable candidate to volunteer to come onto the Committee to fill this position. If you feel that you have the suitable aptitude or interest to assist the club in developing training programs, we would love to hear from you. If you would like more information on the role you can contact myself on 0407 045 525 or perhaps you would like to discuss the role with Robert on 0418 565 467.
On Training, Maritime Safety Victoria are running a free clinic called “Floatsafe” in relation to education for inflatable Life Jackets. for more information you can email education@transportsafety.vic.gov or call 1800 223 022. To register: msv.vic.gov.au/floatsafe . They are also offering a $30 gift voucher to use at a local marine retailer.
During our meeting on Friday night a recommendation has been put by the Marina Sub Committee regarding floating pens in the Marina. There have been some issues encountered with these devices and also some of the rules have not been followed or have been difficult for volunteers to administer. After robust discussion on the matter, it has been decided that we will cap the number of floating pens to 15.
With regard to our building, Nick Blackmore and his Building Sub Committee have been busy with certain repairs and maintenance issues over the past few months. These are now complete although maintenance continues to be an ongoing situation. There have also been some concept plans for possible future works to the club house drawn up, these are on display for members to view and Nick would be delighted to hear from any members who would like to give feedback on these ideas for future works. You can email Nick on blackmorebuilding@bigpond.com or give him a call on 0409 708 685.
It has been fantastic to see lots of activity around the Marina, to see lots of members getting out in their boats and enjoying the club. I personally have enjoyed seeing some members that I have not seen around the club for some time getting out and mucking around with their boats. I believe there have been some good fish caught this season. There has also been an opportunity for some members to take advantage of casual berths that have been available over summer. Ray Frith, our Safety Supervisor, looks after this role for the club. This is a huge job and as a volunteer to undertake this role Ray is to be congratulated for his hard work.
In the past month there have been a number of occasions when members have needed assistance from the club boat. Both Alen Garret and Noel Street have come to the assistance of at least 6 boats recently. Please see the following procedure for club members to follow if you are in trouble and require some assistance getting back to marina.
Calls for emergency assistance; a summary of the NYS Emergency Response Guideline
Call for assistance from a member
For non-urgent matters try to arrange assistance from another member.
When a member requires assistance; sanctioning the use of the Club Boat by a ‘Licensed Operator’ will need to be obtained from a Flag Officer (Rear Commodore, in the first instance) or the Club Boat Supervisor (Alen Garrett).
Generally, Alen Garrett [0429417552], Peter Buitenhuis [0407045525], Colin Diggins [0419585355], Peter Gratton [0408369562], Noel Street [0409024903] will be available to operate the Club Boat.
This assistance is available during Daylight Hours; for other times or extreme conditions call the Water Police.
Calls for emergency assistance
It is not expected that the Water Police will call upon a Club Boat, as rescue boats are now required to be in survey and skippered by Coxswains.
Another item discussed at our recent Committee meeting was the Newhaven Yacht Squadron’s 60th Anniversary in 2022. This is a milestone that should be celebrated, and we are starting to look at what we should do to mark this occasion. Any feedback from members is most welcome and hopefully we will celebrate this important part of our wonderful history with great enthusiasm.
Alen Garrett with his wife Denise and his many volunteers have been running a series (4 days) of Sailability Dinghy Training Days with a total of 38 participants attending!!
Fun was had by all and they really enjoyed their dinghy experience. Many thanks to the volunteers who assisted Alen, without these people, these events would not happen.
I would again like to take the opportunity to wish all our members a happy and healthy 2021. I hope that all members enjoy the club and all it has to offer, and I am always pleased to hear from members, as are any of the Committee members. If you have any thoughts or ideas or observations, you would like to make, you are always welcome to write to the club at admin@nys.org.au . Of course, we cannot promise to put every idea in place, but we are always happy to listen to members’ ideas and make certain these are considered by Committee.
Safe boating and keep safe and well and hopefully 2021 turns out to be an excellent year for all our members.
Keep up to date visit our website nys.org.au
Best Wishes,
Peter Buitenhuis

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