NYS Training Report – Winter 2016

Saturday 16th July, 2016
Stan Jackson

First Aid Course

We must admit that boating is a high risk pastime. We are all aware that, unfortunately, fatalities occur. But how aware are we of the injuries that happen when boating? I would dare say that all of us have hunted our boats for a bandaid at some stage. I wonder how many times this hunt was unsuccessful, and a hankie or towel was used a last resort?
And I wonder how many more series injuries or illnesses have occurred on your boat – and how you (the skipper) have handled them. As skipper, you are responsibly for the welfare of yourself and your crew. Therefore, knowledge of first aid is an essential component of any good skipper’s repertoire.
And of course, such a course will also be of benefit to you all day, every day, outside your boating life.

We will be conducting a First Aid Level 2 course on Sunday August 7.

This course is designed to develop the knowledge and skills to provide first aid response; life support, and the management of casualties, the incident and other first aiders until the arrival of assistance. It covers CPR and basic emergency life support – including the use of the defibrillator – and the use of an Epipen for anaphylaxis. A minimum number of participants is required for this course to be conducted. The cost is $120. But because the committee realises the value of this course to members, and of having people with first aid knowledge around the club and present at club activities, it has decided to pay $50 of the cost.
Therefore, the cost to you is only $70.

Please contact Stan Jackson (0417 318 629 or training@nys.org.au) by Friday June 24 if you are interested.

Club Boat Triangle Session

Although it is expected that the Squadron boat will not be called upon as a rescue boat (rescue boats are now required to be in survey and skippered by Coxswains), it is available to assist members – and does carry out this role on occasions. It is also used during organised club events. Therefore, it is advantageous to have a small number of members competent in using it.

On Tuesday February 9, Alen Garrett conducted a training day for a small group of members to instruct them in operating the club boat effectively and safety. The morning comprised a theory session covering, among others, such issues as safe operating procedures, correct use of marine radio, towing vessels, and generally how to monitor and assist off-the-bench dinghies. The practical session followed throughout the afternoon. The participants were taken through such matters as boat familiarisation, the starting routine, leaving the berth, anchoring, man over board, and berthing.

This was a very informative day – with the participants realising that operating the club boat is not a simple and insignificant task. We learnt that just keeping the club boat functional is a very responsible and, at times, a time-consuming role. We all realise that time we spend on maintenance etc. with our own boats; similarly, the club boat requires time spent on it.

I would like to thank Alen for his comprehensive notes and expert practical instruction. And also, thanks to the volunteer participants not only for partaking in the day, but also for making themselves available to assist members and the club as the occasion may arise.

NYS Sailability Volunteer Information Session

The number of member volunteers for our Sailability program continues to grow – and that’s fantastic! Obviously, supporting people with impairments on a personal basis will be something new for most of our volunteers; and some have mentioned their lack of confidence in doing so. On Friday February 19, we conducted a Sailability Volunteer Information session led by Dan Poynton, our GippSport and Access For All Abilities Coordinator. At the completion of the session all of the 13 participants commented on how useful it was in terms of strengthening their confidence, and how they now better understood needs and desires of people with impairments. Thanks to Dan and all participants.

Crusing Victoria: A Guide to Cruising Victoria, the Bass Strait Islands and Northern Tasmania

The members who have already purchased this excellent resource have raved about it – some stating that it is what we’ve been looking for, for years. I can acquire copies for those interested.

The cost is as follows:

  • For Crusing Yacht Association of Victoria financial members – first copy $45, subsequent copies $65 (Please note that membership costs $40 per year renewable on July 1. I have membership application forms with me).
  • Non Crusing Yacht Association of Victoria financial members – $65 (Recommended retail price is $79.95 eg. Boatbooks)

If you wish to purchase a copy, please contact me on training@nys.org.au or 0417 318 629.

Happy and safe boating.

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