On the Water with the Rear Commodore – Winter 2016

Sunday 3rd July, 2016
Alen Garrett

Well we did it! Over a 6 week period we planned 8 Sailability events, ran the Impulse State titles, won the Don Manning Trophy for the Triangular Series and ran the Southern Westernport Challenge. Along with the usual boating activities that occur in March. We achieved this due to the fantastic input of many volunteers. It was a privilege and a please to be involved with such dedicated, committed members. This included working closely with members from Rhyll Yacht Club; we have developer a wonderful working relationship with our closest neighbours. Additional we had input and support from Cows Yacht Club, This hectic program also showed that NYS has facilities and the personnel to run such a variety of events.

Well done everyone!

I hope members were able to appreciate the extra activity around our club and were able to get involved where they wanted. To members who had to change their plans to fit in with our visitors; thank you for your cooperation and support. We don’t have plans to do the same next year but we are confident that we could run similar programs if requested. Members of the Sailing sub-committee would be please to get any feedback.

There are many facets to boating activities in our club. The traditional yacht racing and fishing competitions are area that we concentrate on. We are happy to acknowledge the many other ways members are appreciating NYS. One example is Sailability, this is developing as a joint venture well supported by powerboats and yachts. We have keen supporters of this program which is continuing to grow.

We have active sub-committees keen to help facilitate further activity. I encourage you to give your ideas to members of these sub-committees. The club is keen to run training sessions to support and extend members capabilities in boating activities.

The Future Planning Meeting is a very important day in the development of Newhaven Yacht Squadron. Please make full use of this activity to make sure that our club develops in the way you want.

Presentation night, help early in May, was an opportunity to congratulate members who achieved good results. Additionally we acknowledged the outstanding input from our many volunteers. Our successful boating programs rely on a team of members who make a considerable contribution. Fortunately we all enjoy this team effort. The trophy winners are listed. This year we extended the number of boats eligible for trophies beyond those who entered the series. This was done, as we had an unusual occurrence; losing 5 regular competitors at the start of the season and gain 3 competitors after the Series Entry had closed.

The Winter Series will start on 28th May. The winter series is very popular; less drama at the start and ofter thrilling finishes. This is achieved by having a pursuit start where it is calculated so that all boats will finish at the same time after 180 minutes of racing.
At the recent Sailing sub-committee meeting various ways of achieving this were discussed. It was decided to ensure the OOD finishes the race as close to time limit as possible and the handicapper will provide a ready-reckoner to determine start times for shorter races. The handicap for the next race will be determined from the race times; the same as for the summer season. Don’t let this complicated explanation put you off. Most sailors just enjoy the sail.

If you want to try out sailing then the winter races are a great opportunity. Come on the day a we should be able to place you on a yacht; better still contact the Rear Commodore and arrange a sail in advance.

I hope you enjoy the boating activities associated with NYS over the winter period. We often have many fine days that can be enjoyed. Other times it is best to dream and plan for warmer weather.

Enjoy your boating at Newhaven Yacht Squadron.

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