Another successful event held on Saturday 12th December was our Club Opening Day including the Sail Past with the Commodore. If you haven’t attended one of these days, you have missed out on a fabulous event for the club. This is the day when the club is officially opened for the season.

This year was very different to our normal Opening days when we normally have entertainment and a special guest speaker plus food and drinks due to Covid restrictions, and we could only have the Sail Past and not the social aspect of the day. None the less it was an excellent day, we met for a briefing on the lawn at 10.30 am and over a dozen boats took part with their various guests on board. The weather was perfect and everyone who attended showed great enthusiasm. The boats were dressed with flags and regalia and some members even dressed up in pirate hats etc. Lots of fun. If  you would like the photo of your boat and please contact Peter Buitenhuis, Commodore.

There was a bit of drama on the day with a big out-going tide combined with an unusual amount of floating kelp fouling some propellers on a number of boats. This saw some Skippers going overboard to remove the kelp from their props, stalled motors and the need for the club boat and other yachts to go to assist stranded boats. In the end everyone got back into the marina safely.

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