Rear Commodore Report, Spring 2017

Thursday 3rd August, 2017
Alen Garrett

The fulfillment of the generous decision taken by members at the 2016 AGM, to build the Sailability Dinghy Storage Shed, will lead to a new era at Newhaven Yacht Squadron. This, along with the recent purchase of 4 Hansa, 303 dinghies will achieve a long held dream of many NYS members. Dinghy sailing, assisted by our powerboat members, is back on the agenda. We now have the means of fulfilling our recently developed Youth Plan alongside developing the dinghy aspect of our Sailability Program.

At last we are nearing completion of the Sailability Dinghy Storage Shed. The foundations and floor have cost considerably more than expected and caused many delays. This was due to the unstable nature of the soil where we were constructing the shed. We appreciated the patients and diligence of the builder in working through these issues. The shed is looking really good now; we will need several working bees to complete it in preparation for the coming boating season. We can’t wait to engage members in the rewards of accessing the shed and the possibilities it contains.

The initiative taken by NYS to build the shed has allowed us to be successful in gaining funding to purchase 4 Hansa, 303 dinghies. These specially designed dinghies are suitable for all ages and abilities to sail. The unique design and construction of these dinghies will allow us to develop the dinghy aspect of our Sailability Program. They have shown to be suitable for teaching novices how to sail, importantly they are safe and fun to sail. NYS has a Pacer dinghy, so we now have a reasonable size fleet of club dinghies. Additional to this, we can provide storage for members dinghies in the shed. The Sailing Sub-committee has responsibility to allocate these places; the main criterion is for boats frequently participating in NYS activities.

For many years we have wanted to complement our large Club Boat with a small RIB when patrolling our
dinghy races and sail training. This “Rubber Ducky” is essential to support the Sailability Program. We hope to be successful in gaining sponsorship to allow us to purchase this RIB.

In the past we have run “in-house” training for members skippering the Club Boat for patrolling dinghy races and sail training. To enrich and formalise this training, 6 of our members will be undertaking the Safety Boat Operators Course. Due to our involvement in Sailability we expect that half of the training fee will be covered by Sailability Victoria. NYS will cover some of the remaining cost. This increase in knowledge and capability is essential for the dinghy aspect of our Sailability Program and will add to our resources at NYS.

The NYS Youth Plan, developed out of the Futures Discussion and accepted by the NYS Committee in 2016, can now begin. We now have the fleet of dinghies, safety boats with trained operators and dinghy storage that is needed. Our recent experience, developing the Sailability Program, will make it possible to offer a similar program to our local primary schools and our younger members. There is a unique opportunity for many NYS members to contribute to achieving the many positive outcomes of this commenced initiative. In early January 2018 we have a great Family Day planned; Fishing in the Marina in the morning, sausage sizzle lunch followed by Dinghy Sailing in the afternoon.

There has been considerable input and hard work from members of the Committee and other members in
achieving the progress made so far. I have avoided naming these members as this current project belongs
to Newhaven Yacht Squadron and has ongoing development. We have commenced a journey that will
benefit our community, our club and its members for many years.

Alen Garrett (Rear Commodore)

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