Rear Commodore Report Winter – 2017

Sunday 21st May, 2017
Alen Garrett

Presentation Night
Presentation night, held early in May, was an opportunity to congratulate members who achieved good results. Additionally we acknowledged the outstanding input from our many volunteers. Our successful boating programs rely on a team of members who make a considerable contribution. Fortunately we all enjoy this team effort. The trophy winners are listed.

Acknowledge work of Sailing Sub-Committee members. Please don’t see these as a ‘report comment’ from an old teacher; I am trying to genuinely thank these members for their positive input.
Gavin Russel computes finishing places and calculates handicaps. He is most proficient and well organised. He meticulously plans ahead and cheerfully never complains. Of late he has been increasing his interest in starting races and we managed the Westernport Challenge event in a praiseworthy manner.
Sue Padget cheerfully sorts out entries at the start of our Briefing. Her record keeping and money balancing are meticulous. She continues this eye for detail throughout every race as she tracks the progress of each yacht around the course. Her radio communications, a vital part of our Effective Rescue Procedure, are clear and helpful. Sue’s management of the radio communications for the serious incident, reported in the last quarterly, was significant in getting the best possible outcome. She does all this while tidying up the kitchen, setting up for tea and coffee and occasionally checking the Dim-Sims.
Mary Brown does the Dim-Sims. She is alert to pick up things we have left undone and just does them. All our documentation has been properly formatted and the repeats and contradictions sorted out. She cheerfully accepts responsibility for many aspects of our boating program. Mary had everything well organised for the Three Humps Race. Although it had to be called off, all the hard work had been done and the volunteers were organised do their part.
Peter Watson sets the course and starts the dinghy races and is back-up starter for the larger boats. We value his experienced input into the management of boating at NYS. Peter will do whatever he is asked to support our boating program.
Ray Frith is a long-time supporter of our boating program. When he does a ‘ring around’ we get many more entries for our planned events. Ray is a great source of knowledge of what is going on about the club. He helps us plan to meet these needs.
Simon Pollard comes to every race day and helps with the starts. We look forward to seeing the pictures he takes of most events. Simon is on stand-by to fill-in for members of our regular team.
Peter Gratton as Safety Supervisor keeps an experienced eye on our safety procedures. He processes all our Safety Declarations. I strongly encourage members, both power and sail, to avail themselves of asking Peter to inspect your boat and do a safety audit. This will improve your safety significantly, to have an experienced second opinion on the way you have set up your boat.
Pauline Draper provides us with wise, experienced input. She is a great source of information. Pauline volunteers where she can and we enjoy seeing her at our event days.

Winter Series 2017
The Winter Series will start on Saturday 27th May. This series is very popular; less drama at the start and often thrilling finishes. This is achieved by having a pursuit start where it is calculated so that all boats will finish at the same time after 180 minutes of racing. The OOD will finish races as close to the time limit as possible. The handicap for the next race will be determined from the race times; the same as for the summer season.
If you want to try out sailing then the winter races are a great opportunity. Come on the day and we should be able to place you on a yacht; better still contact the Rear Commodore and arrange a sail in advance

All winter races are pursuit starts with briefing at 1200 for each race.
Date                                        Event                            OOD
Saturday 27 May 2017        Winter Race 1             Alen Garrett
Saturday 10 June 2017       Winter Race 2             Kon Cili
Saturday 8 July 2017          Winter Race 3             Craig Begbie
Saturday 12 Aug.2017         Winter Race 4             Ray Frith
Saturday 26 Aug.2017         Winter Race 5             Mary Brown
Saturday 9 Sept.2017           Winter Race 6            Peter Gratton

The Sailability Dinghy Storage Shed is making progress. We had to increase the specification of the foundations to cope with the unstable soil. Now we have obtained the Building Permit and the shed materials have been ordered. The additional cost of the foundations will require us to complete the site works and drainage with volunteers labour. I am hopeful that we will see some action on the shed site soon.
The two recent Sailability programs on 28th March and 27th April had a weird observation. On both occasions a Man + Dog were observed swimming in the channel about 70 meters south of the bridge. Had our boats not slowed down, looking for seals playing near the bridge pylons, the two may not have been seen. A reminder of how good our look-out has to be when skippering a boat.

The Ocean Racing Club of Victoria is re-establishing its Easter Regatta. This year 5 yachts raced from Port Phillip into Westernport finishing at Cowes Yacht Club. We are invited to participate in this race next year and we are keen to see if there is interest in additional races in the bay.

I hope you enjoy the boating activities associated with NYS over the winter period. We often have many fine days that can be enjoyed. Other times it is best to dream and plan for warmer weather. Enjoy your boating at Newhaven Yacht Squadron.

Alen Garrett

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