Sailability Report – November, 2016

Sunday 20th November, 2016
Stan Jackson

Sail&Fishability …..

I believe that the NYS Sailability program is quite unique, and that it should probably be entitled the NYS Sail&Fishability program. It is my understanding that all other Sailability programs focus only on sailing. At NYS FISHING is also a prominent – and very popular – facet of our program.
We have a number of volunteer motor boat members who enjoy taking our participants out fishing. In fact, the participants look forward to fishing just as much as they do to sailing – and their reaction when they have a ‘catch’ is one of great excitement and accomplishment. And the reaction of the volunteer skipper and crew is one of pride and accomplishment!
If you are a fisherman and you want to help us grow the fishing aspect of our Sail&Fishability program, please contact Alen Garrett at, or myself at
2016-17 Program

With the first two or three events cancelled due to inclement weather, our last Sailability season got off to a poor start. We are hoping that our disgusting 2016 winter will finally end before this season’s program begins with our Social Inclusion Week Day, on Wednesday, November 30. This event is our big season-launch day, comprising a morning session and an afternoon session with a scrumptious lunch provided by Bass Coast Shire Council.

The annual Golden Oldies Day, which is incorporated into a mid-week twilight race, will be held on Wednesday, December 7. A Golden Oldie is defined as “someone who has reduced their boating due to age or health”. This is always a great social event with much race banter and re-living times past. This event concludes with a dinner – and continued reminiscing.

The remaining Sailability happenings will be held in 2017. These will comprise just one session for each of the following dates: – Thursday, February 9 – Friday, February 10
– Monday, March 27 – Tuesday, March 28

We are always looking for new volunteers to join our group – and you don’t have to be a boat owner to be involved. We welcome those who just want to help out on a boat – or on shore. If you wish to join us for any of the events please contact Alen Garrett at, or myself at


Arrival of Our First Hansa Dinghy

Our first Hansa 303 dinghy has arrived at the club after completing a fairly long road trip from Nowra, NSW, on the top of a vehicle.
The Hansa will seat two people, has a jib and mainsail, a 30 kg removable keel – with a mechanical lifter, a removable rudder, and is steered with a joystick. We are hoping to acquire three more Hansas via more successful gra

nt applications.
This little vessel will enable us to extend our Sailability program (which previously entailed only taking participants out in larger yachts and motor boats) by providing participants with a very real and challenging sailing experience. Whilst they are in the novice stage, they can be accompanied by an experienced person; and then, as they grow in competence, they can sail the dinghy solo. The dinghy will also be an integral asset for our “Come And Try” days.
A big thank you to Alen Garrett for constructing the trolley for the Hansa. We will need more trolleys for our other Hansa dinghies. The present one is an example of what can be done in wood – others could be made of shiny stainless steel or aluminium. If you wish to help us out in this way, please contact Alen.

Happy and safe boating

Stan Jackson


Hansa in the factory


On the way home


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