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Sunday 14th October, 2018
Stan Jackson

Dinghy Sailability
We started our Hansa Dinghy Sailability Program with Bass Coast Specialist School earlier this year. We are continuing with the same group with 3 events listed below.
In line with our Youth Policy, Stan and I had a positive meeting with Newhaven Primary School on 10th October. They were very keen to take up our offer of providing dinghy sailing. We have chosen to work with grade 5 students who will continue with us in to grade 6 next year.

Tuesday 23, 10 to 1                 BCSS
Thursday 25, 12 to 3               Newhaven PS
Thursday 8, 11.00 to 2.00      BCSS
Thursday 22, 10 to 1               Newhaven PS
Friday 23, 10 to 2.30             Social Inclusion (Big Boat Program)
Thursday 6, 10 to 1                 BCSS
Friday 7, 11 to 2                   Newhaven PS
Golden Oldies Friday 7 th  1500 (Big Boat Program) 

This is an ambitious program and I hope we can provide enough volunteers to accomplish it. We would welcome input from additional volunteers. Please contact me if you would like further information on our programs.


Social Inclusion Sailability
Friday 23 rd November, 10 AM to 3 PM. Part of our Big Boat Program, it is a massive day where we run a morning and afternoon activity with a catered lunch in between. We need 10 marina based boats and 20 volunteers for this day. It is a big effort but very rewarding.


Golden Oldies
Friday 7 th December starting at 3 pm and finishing near 8 pm. This is the fifth time we have run the Golden Oldies. Our aim is to have a great afternoon with our older members; to provide a boating outing and a pleasant meal. This afternoon is aimed at members who have reduced their boating due to ill health or age. Last year we had 7 oldies and 19 almost oldies. We had 5 boats on the water with 2 on standby.
A highlight of the activity was the magnificent meal provided by the Social Subcommittee.  Please contact me if you want more information, and to assist with catering let me know if you are coming by Sunday 2nd December.

Alen Garrett

NYS Sailability Coordinator

Mobile 0429417552; Email

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