Seeking an old Cherub sailing dinghy

Tuesday 19th December, 2017
Stan Jackson

Rod Mackintosh, who was originally from Parkdale Yacht Club, sailed Cherubs against NYS in the 1960-70s.

Rod is looking for an old, wooden Cherub to restore to its former glory, and he’s fairly sure that as NYS was a stronghold for Cherubs in the 1960-70s, there are some of these boats hidden away in sheds.

If you have one of these – or know of the whereabouts of one – please contact Rod on 0418 547 684, or at

Some historical information that Rod has provided:

I stayed at Percy and Dot Fraser’s home near the bridge, and sailed down at your club against Ian Huther (his Cherub was named Cheetah). I recall sailing in March, 1968, in the Cherub team for the VYC 12 FOOT OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP, which we won – to the delight of Percy.  It was the only time the Cherubs beat the Gwens.  My Cherub then was called Cougar

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