Social Report – February, 2017

Sunday 5th February, 2017
Helen McCrimmon

Hello members one and all

This is my first Social Report as I was only voted in as Social Secretary in November 2016. As I have recently retired down at Newhaven and this has given me a great opportunity to meet lots of wonderful and interesting people.

When I stepped into the position I was very thankful that Tom Rawlings (committee member) and the ladies of the social sub committee had organised all the required bookings etc. to ensure the Christmas Dinner and New Year’s Eve celebration were successful.

And as it turned out the Christmas Dinner event was a great night. Burnt Toast café was the caterer for the evening and by all the comments everyone’s expectations were met. There was an abundance of delicious food and loads left over. However the entertainer ‘Big Al’ was the success of the night. I can’t say I have ever been to any social function where every person in the room was up dancing. As they say ‘the party went off”.

New Year’s Eve celebration was again a successful evening. We had the return of the mighty and well loved ‘Back Dated” band and they didn’t let us down. Once again every person in the room was up dancing. It was a gorgeous summer evening with many people sitting outside and in addition enjoying the Hastings spectacular fireworks display.

I just need to mention that if you have booked places at any of the functions and you are unable to attend please email me at at least 4 to 5 days prior to the function. This enables me to adjust the numbers for catering which ensures the club is not out of pocket, or we can invite other people to take up the places.

As a trial for the Saturday Happy Hour we are going to have food or a light meal every 2 nd Saturday of each month, except Event nights. This has in the past been organised randomly so we thought we would make it a regular highpoint. The social committee will provide food on occasions and other nights we shall organise to purchase pizzas, or arrange catering e.g. souvlakia or just a great old Aussie BBQ. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. There may be a small cost, and at times we shall ask for people to bring along a salad etc.

So please all come along, bring family and or friends to show them our impressive club. Of course you can come along and BYO food. Bring nibbles as per usual and BYO drinks or purchase at the bar.

We have Easter coming up and would love to see lots of kids for the Easter Bunny hunt Saturday 15 th April. So please keep this date in mind and drop in with the grand children or family to share this happy time together. The kids will not forget this fun afternoon; it will become a regular Easter event for them. My grand children remember this every Easter and they wouldn’t miss it for the world. We just have to find a volunteer Easter Bunny!!!!!!

Social committee thinking of organising a Trivia night – details to be confirmed.

We are also completing a big clean up of some areas in the club and will be updating some kitchen and bar ‘stuff’.

In conclusion I wish to thank the girls of the sub committee, Anne Marie, Jan and Mim for their support and efforts in making things happen. They are always there to assist with the cleaning up and preparation for the functions. Thanks also to the lovely ladies and Tom who assisted in putting up and bringing down the Xmas decorations.

Hope to see you at the Happy Hours!

Helen McCrimmon

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