Training Officer’s Report – February, 2017

Wednesday 8th February, 2017
Stan Jackson


I am in the process of investigating two courses for the upcoming months: a VHF radio course; and a power boat course with an emphasis on emergency/rescue procedures.

Traditionally, NYS has conducted a VHF radio course every few years. As the last one was held about three or so years ago, it is time to run another one. Even if you have done such a course some years ago, I suggest you consider attending this intended forthcoming course as a refresher.

I would like the content of the proposed power boat course to reflect the needs of members. I am aware that some members who are new to boating lack confidence initially – especially manoeuvring around the marina. Occasionally, a new skipper expresses a desire for some tuition in ‘learning the ropes’. This proposed course should cater for such a need. But, as previously stated, I intend for this course to have an emphasis on safe boating and emergency/rescue procedures. Throughout the year our club conducts a variety of activities that require the presence of a rescue vessel, and a number of members volunteer to skipper their own boat or the club boat during these events. It is important that these volunteers have appropriate skills – and confidence – to responsibly carry out this role. Again, such an emphasis will be of benefit to all power boat skippers. It MAY be possible for the cost of the course to be subsidised.

As I would like this course to reflect the needs of members, I encourage interested members to contact me ( as soon as possible with any aspect of power boating that they would like to see included in the program.

Please keep an eye on the website for more information about both of these courses.
And again, I urge members to contact me with any suggestions /requests for training.

Happy and safe boating

Stan Jackson

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