Vice Commodore’s Report: Summer, 2017

Thursday 2nd November, 2017
Derrick Kershaw

In my last report I outlined a proposal to install a sheet piling wall around the maintenance
yard and indicated an intention to put forward a motion at our AGM on October 14 th . For
those of you who were not at that meeting, this did not go ahead for several reasons:
– the lack of detailed costings and a second quote;
– a very recent offer to dispose of silt at a member’s farm at Kilcunda;
– Bass Coast Council now required a building permit application for the wall as we intend to
place more than 100 cubic metres of silt behind it.
Before proceeding further with our sheet piling plan, we will first explore the cost and
feasibility of the recent offer to dispose of our silt at the Kilcunda property. The major
difficulty is that it will have to be de-watered on site before it can be trucked to the farm.
In the interim, two boats previously identified as sitting in the mud at low tide will be moved
to deeper berths.

The electricity supply in our maintenance yard has been in need of upgrading, and Electric
Insight from Rhyll will soon be doing the required works. Glen has been removing the
concrete alongside the yard drain to facilitate the underground cable to his shed and the
Sailability shed.

Recent power outages (unrelated to Glen’s digging) resulted in our marina access gates, boat
ramp chain and clubhouse becoming inoperative. The backup system worked for a couple of
hours before the 12V batteries failed. An interesting search to locate them found one above
the desk in the committee room and another underneath. Another was located in a box at
the head of the north arm gangway. New batteries and a 12-volt charger were installed and
signage made showing their location and date of replacement. This is one of many examples
where we rely on Vicki and Glen for such knowledge.

A recent meeting with our local CFA involved a detailed presentation from Rick McKay
followed by the practical use of our hoses and fire extinguishers on the north arm. It was
agreed that this will be the beginning of an ongoing process between the two organisations to
improve our emergency response readiness. There will be further meetings to ascertain and
prioritise suggestions for improvement. Our thanks to Peter and Stan who have volunteered
to help undertake this.
One immediate amendment to our present fire response procedure is a change to para.27.11
which states that when a fire on a boat cannot be contained it should be pushed clear of other
boats. Recent expert advice suggests otherwise and in fact it is the boats alongside that
should be moved.

Our thanks to Geoff DeJong who has donated 4 plastic floating pontoon sections from his
Corinella property. They are in good condition but require a decking frame. They may not be
suitable for a pontoon for boats but could be a works platform for maintenance works to be
done on stages1-4.

Garry Richards is obtaining a safety gate to be fitted to the top of the spiral staircase on the
upper deck for the safety of children, especially in the summer and Easter periods.

No doubt many of you are aware of the new refuse bins introduced by Bass Coast Council. We
ask that you use the correct one as the general waste and recycle bins are emptied every
second week. A second recycle waste bin has been obtained from council in response to the
enthusiastic efforts of members using the bar.

Our sub-committee members have recently inspected the marina, club house and surrounds
and compiled a list of jobs to be done on the annual working bee on Sunday 12 th November. On
that day we managed to complete nearly all of them, even though our numbers were down on
previous years. Many thanks to all those volunteers who managed to attend. What we lacked
in quantity we made up for in quality and our club looked great for the opening day.

I would like to finish by acknowledging the excellent work done by Peter Buitenhouse over
the past years that I have served on the committee and also welcome Andy Chappell to our

I wish you all a great summer of boating and enjoying all that our club offers.

Derrick Kershaw

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