Angling Competitions

Year-round Fishing Competition Rules

The competition will start at 0800 hours on the day after Presentation Night , and finish at 1500 hours on Presentation Night .

All fish sizes must comply with the Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide 2013, or as amended. All fish must be free from mud, sand, sinkers or weights and must be weighed on the official squadron scales located in the lower deck. Fish must be weighed in the “as caught” condition – except gummy sharks, which must be bled and gutted.

The fishing area is unlimited. However, fish must be weighed within 24 hours of being caught. All fish weighed in must be recorded in the logbook and witnessed by another member of the Newhaven Yacht Squadron.

There is no limit to the number of species of fish that the competitor may weigh-in. Please enter fish and weight as a record, even if it is not the heaviest already weighed.

Prizes will be awarded for the heaviest fish for the year in the following categories:

   – Australian Salmon ~ Flathead ~ Gummy/school shark
   – King George Whiting ~ Pike/Snook ~ Snapper ~ Trevally
   – Heaviest Fish Overall (excluding sharks, wrasse, elephant fish)

Entry is free.

Only NYS Members and associates, Junior Members, or family members under 10 years are eligible to enter.

Fish weighed in at other NYS competitions may also be entered.

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