"Mud Flats and Flowing Tides"

How did Newhaven Yacht Squadron originate?

Why did it originate?

Who started it?

How did it progress?

Read “Mud Flats and Flowing Tides” below, written by Wanda Stelmach, (and look at the photos) to find the stories behind these and other contemplations you may have about the saga of the NYS.

You will also learn about the discovery and settlement of Phillip Island, and in particular, Newhaven.

Wanda’s association with NYS is a comparatively new one, “… but I was struck by the enthusiasm and energy of the club when I joined them on 15 November 2008 in the celebrations to mark the opening of the new marina.

It was the camaraderie and larrikinism of previous and current members that caught my attention. It is the involvement of the whole family – from grandchildren to adults – in yachting and power boat races; in the Angler of the Year and the Winner of the Biggest Other Fish competitions; in the offshore dinghy races; in the training and safety sessions; in the 6 o’clock Drinkies, the ‘bring your own’ (BYO) casserole functions and formal Annual Squadron dinners; in the Opening Day Sail Past, the cruises to the Quarry and out past the Nobbies; in the involvement with the local community, the sharing of resources, the hard work of committees and volunteers and in the development of its facilities, that ensures that this club continues to flourish while many of similar ilk have failed or languish. It is the spirit of people who enjoy each other’s company and nurture each other’s passions that will ensure that the Newhaven Yacht Squadron celebrates its centenary in the future.

We sincerely thank Wanda for the time and effort she has contributed to research, construct and present this most interesting material about the origin and advancement of our fantastic club.

(Photo gallery below)

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