NYS Subcommittee Members 2023-2024

The NYS subcommittees form an integral part of the running and management of the Squadron.  They meet regularly to administer their particular area of responsibility, making recommendations to, and carrying out directives of, the Committee

Social: Chair – Lynda Hanlon.
Marianne Watson, Brenda Blackmore, Miranda Shaw, Jean Dunstan and Jillian Poole.

Finance: Chair – Denis Loweth
David Tonkin, Alan Adamson, Ray Frith, Tom Stockdale, Peter Buitenhuis and Rob Dawson.

Building: Chair – Bob Sterling
Florian Andrighetto, Ben Koole, Kevin Kealy and Rob Dawson.

Marina: Chair – Bob Sterling
Derrick Kershaw, Florian Andrighetto, Jeff Shawcroft, Glen Botterill, Ben Koole, Hardy Weller, Peter Anglin and Bill McIntosh.

Boating: Chair – Marcus Bond
Michael Dixon, Jim McWilliam, Alen Garrett, Cheree Dyson, Peter Loughrey, Peter Smith, David Sadlier and Mary Brown.

Merchandise: – Denis Loweth.

Grants: – Peter Smith, Florian Andrighetto and David Tonkin.

Sailability: Chair – Alen Garrett
Mary Brown, Stan Jackson, Peter Loughrey and Cheree Dyson.

Quarterly Magazine: – Peter Watson, Florian Andrighetto, Peter and Rhonda Buitenhuis.


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