NYS Committee Roles

NYS COMMITTEE ROLES – as at 19/12/17


  • CEO of NYS
  • Ensures Committee resolutions and Acts and Regulations are complied with
  • Presides at meetings
  • Approves payments
  • Represents NYS at official functions and with general public
  • Ensures that the Core Values of NYS are implemented.

Social Secretary

  • Provides a set of social opportunities for members
  • Convenes Social Sub-Committee
  • Manages kitchen and bar/servery
  • Supports functions organised by other committee members.

Communications and Promotion officer

  • Manages the full set of NYS Communications activities including publications, Facebook and website
  • Ensure that members are well informed of Committee decisions (transparency)
  • Markets NYS to potential members and the broader community
  • Engage with local media
  • Identify and apply for grants
  • Apply grant funds as specified by the donor
  • Assist with Sailability program
  • Assist Safety Officer with Emergency Response plans
  • Maintain and use the club members skills database


Vice Commodore

  • Responsible for day to day operation of marina, boatyard and other squadron property
  • Assist the Commodore in the discharge of his duties and deputises in his absence
  • Prepare long term marina maintenance plans
  • Manages casual berthing allocation
  • Approves payments (usually re Squadron Assets)
  • Direct manager of Yard Manager
  • Convenes Marina Sub-Committee
  • Casual berthing management (Ray Frith)
  • Implement and monitor a Yard equipment maintenance program

Other member – Assistant to the Vice-Commodore

  • Assist the Vice Commodore in the discharge of his duties and deputises (by delegation) in his absence. Particular focus areas
  • Oversee operation of club buildings
  • Chair the Building Sub-Committee
  • Implement and monitor the buildings maintenance program
  • Hall bookings (Peter Gratton)


 Rear Commodore

  • Responsible for all on water activities
  • Assists other Flag officers as needed
  • Approves payments (usually re On Water activities).
  • Convenes Sailing Sub-Committee and Motorboat and Angling sub-committees.
  • Stands in for the Commodore if both the Commodore and Vice Commodore are not available.
  • Ensures that an Effective Rescue Procedure is in place
  • Develops Calendar of Events

Boating Secretary – assists with NYS boating activities

Safety Supervisor – In consultation with the Rear Commodore develops and manages safety policies and practices. Takes immediate action on urgent issues.

Training Officer – In consultation with the Rear Commodore develops and manages the training program

Motor boating and Sailability officer

  • Sailability Coordinator – Coordinates the Sailability Program and Manages the NYS Sailability Shed.
  • In consultation with the Rear Commodore convenes the Motorboat and Angling Sub-Committee. (Rowan Draper has agreed to run the day to day operations of the Motorboat and Angling Sub-committee).
  • Manages Officer of the Day program
  • 2IC – takes Rear Commodore role (by delegation) if Rear Commodore not available
  • In collaboration with the Safety Officer and Training Officer improve the skill level and safety of motor boat operators
  • Assist in implementing the NYS Youth policy.
  • Encourage motor boat owners to participate in NYS events
  • Manages the Club Boat.



  • Ensures all General and Special meetings of NYS and the Committee are run correctly including timely production of minutes and follow up actions
  • Be the Squadron Public Officer and ensure that the incorporated rules are adhered to.
  • Focal point for all official incoming and outgoing correspondence including legal, regulatory, member queries etc
  • Manages marina berth contract process
  • Direct manager of Officer Manager


  • Ensures that correct bookkeeping, accounting and financial reporting policies and practices are in place
  • Provides financial reports as needed; a summary report to be provided at every monthly Committee meeting.
  • Ensure the ‘books’ are appropriately audited pre AGM.
  • Convene the Finance Sub-committee.
  • Manages merchandise sales
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